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Lena's Fabulous Frequencies LLC
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"Notice of Liability for Sanctioning Biomedical, Biotechnology & Biosynthetic Instruments"

Dearest Freedom Warriors,

Thank you so much for considering and contributing to this crucial and timely action against the injustices that we are individually and collectively facing in this moment in time and history.  

We are facing the final battles that can only be fought by us, the men and women alone, for we know we can no longer and should have never been reliant on any other force or agency to watch out after our bodies, properties, autonomy, interests, health, safety and sovereignty.  It goes much deeper than that as you know, so thank you for being co-creators in this time where our individual actions matter only, in the greatest and gravest way.  

By donating to this campaign, you are supporting the filings of over 200 Notices of Liability and the follow up Notices of Dishonor.  We will be able to put on notice with our counter contract our non-consent to the enforcements of any drug, vaccine, vaccine passports, EUA products, and more in this legal contract called the "Notice of Liability for Sanctioning Biomedical, Biotechnology & Biosynthetic Instruments".  

This is the first document ever to be written with the trans humanist agenda in mind.  It is the underlying theme strategically interwoven throughout along with the current science, facts, politics and policies, and more.

This is the first step to getting remedy at the top level and putting them on notice in their personal capacity their individual responsibility to causing any injury, harm, damage and or death for sanctioning, abetting, coercing, enforcing, mandating any drugs, products, vaccines, gene-therapy drugs, poisons, vaccine passports, EUA products and devices, without limits.

Our goal with the vaccine/vaccine passport Notice of Liability (NoL) and Notice of Dishonor (NoD) is to serve all of the states and federal agencies in the United States and the central key players throughout the world.  Our plan is to serve these documents to over 200 respondents all over the world, mostly in the US.  This is no small feat in both time, effort and cost as we will be handling well over 20,000 document pages just for the NoL alone, and then more papers to be printed once we are ready to serve the NoD.  And then the managing of the packages to make sure they arrive at their destinations either through registered mail or professional process server will require continuous coordination and organization.  Not to mention all the other finer points in detail.

We will be doing all the heavy lifting, literally and figuratively.  But we can't do this without you!  We need your help and support.  Our goal is to bring all our nation and world leaders into Dishonor and we cannot achieve this without your contribution.  Every dollar counts.  So thank you for your considerations.

The Notice of Liability campaign is truly pennies when compared to the cost of traditional lawyers and lawsuits.  Therefore, every dollar donated is being stretched to the max.  The beauty about our process is that we are able to do so much with so little, and that to me, speaks truth all in itself.  Money should not determine truth.  That is why lawsuits fail.  Truth needs no leverage.  And that is why we can only represent ourselves.  

And that is what we are - truth.

And that is what we are doing - acting in truth.

Therefore, your donations speak truth because it comes from the heart.  

The moment we send off our Notices of Liability we are opening up a world of opportunities for restorative justice to manifest.  Justice cannot happen until we bring forth and etch the truth into the written word.  

Therefore, we are going to bring our entire world leaders and our nation's states into dishonor for any man or woman who supports and enforce medical tyranny over our right to life.  So thank you, Dear Warriors, for joining me in this incredible fight for our survivorship!  Together, let's bring our world leaders into dishonor.  

I am excited to serve alongside you all in this amazing capacity and opportunity while we serve our world leaders this honorary document, the "Notice of Liability for Sanctioning Biomedical, Biotechnology & Biosynthetic Instruments".

In Power, Love, Truth and Service,

Lena Pu

Be on the look out in the near future:  

This first campaign Part 1 fundraising event supports both phases I and II of the "Vaccine"/Passports Notices of Liability only.

The second campaign Part 2 fundraising event will involve the Notice of Liability for the 5G Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Bodies (IoB), and will be launched after the "Vaccine"/Passport NoL filing process has been completed.