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Support for Lena's "Notice of Liability" Filing Campaigns and Document Writing

Please Note:  If you are here to fulfill a pledge for the 4th of July 2021 Music & Sky event, please make note of it in the comments box.

Dearest Freedom Warriors,

Thank you so much for considering and contributing to this crucial and timely action against the injustices that we are individually and collectively facing at this moment in time and history.  

We are facing the final battles that can only be fought by us, the men and women alone for we know we can no longer and should have never been reliant on any other help, force or agency to watch after our bodies, properties, autonomy, interests, health, safety and sovereignty.  It goes much deeper as you are aware of the reasons for the complete enslavement of mankind.  That is why you are here.  So thank you for being co-creators in this time where our individual actions matter only in the greatest and gravest way.  

Your donations support my ability to continue doing deep research and document writing and manage large groups of filers all over the world.

The Notice of Liability campaign is truly pennies when compared to the cost of lawyers and lawsuits.  The beauty about our process is that we are able to do so much with so little, and that to me, speaks truth all in itself.  Truth needs no leverage.  And that is also why it is best we represent ourselves because truth can only be told by you, a living flesh man or woman.

The NoL process represents what we are - sui juris - man + law.

The NoL process represents what we do - act in truth.

The moment we send off our Notices of Liability we are opening up a world of opportunities for restorative justice to manifest.  Justice cannot happen until we bring forth God's written Word etched in truth upon the fallen world.  

We will hold our world leaders accountable, responsible and liable on anyone who enforces medical tyranny and technological enslavement and endangerment over our right to live a Godly life.  So thank you for joining me and an amazing army of international warriors in this incredible fight for mankind and earth's survivorship!  I am excited to serve alongside you all in this amazing capacity and opportunity.

In Power, Love, Truth and Service,

Lena Pu