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Support Our Fight Against Water Fluoridation In The UK!

Fluoride Free Alliance UK is leading the charge in the fight for fluoride-free water in the UK and currently, we are campaigning to stop the roll-out of water fluoridation in the North-East of England. 


Fluoride (a developmental neurotoxin and a general enzyme poison) is added to drinking water as a foolish attempt to prevent the decay of small disadvantaged children’s teeth.  A tiny amount of fluoridated water is drunk by these babies and children (and more by all fluoridated people who are collateral damage) with 98% of the added fluoride lost in leaks or going wastefully down the drain. 

The UK Government’s fluoridation target this Spring is the North-East of England.  A Public Consultation has been announced for 12 weeks ending 17th June 2024. Should the Government be successful, the rest of the UK will be threatened, region by region. Fluoridation was not in the Conservative Party manifesto ahead of the 2019 General Election and the policy has been slipped in without a mandate.
Only 10% of England currently has fluoridated water. Our movement has prevented an increase since 1987. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are not fluoridated!
We are calling upon the North-East community to fight this attempt to fluoridate their drinking water. Anyone living in the UK will eventually be threatened so this has to be a national effort.
If we all become fluoridated, it wouldn’t be enough to filter your tap water to remove the toxin. Farmers would use the fluoridated water for crops and livestock, food manufacturers would add fluoridated water to their products, and hospitals, schools, universities, care homes and public buildings would receive fluoridated water. Everyone in the UK is under threat: fluoride would pervade every part of our lives. We cannot allow this to happen.

We are a not-for-profit organisation that has been, up to this point, self-funded. However, campaigning to stop the North-East of England becoming fluoridated has increased our costs, so we need help to stop your drinking water becoming fluoridated.
We have designed a leaflet and will initially have 50,000 printed for delivery by the Post Office to 50,000 households in the North-East. This is the only sensible way to get the message across to residents about the existence of the DHSC’s Public Consultation and how they can thwart the Government’s attempts. But it is at a cost of £4000.  We have also employed a freelance publicity and website expert to streamline our social media output and this accounts for the remaining money. 

The new page on the NEWFC.ORG.UK website has been written to help with the completion of the Public Consultation Questionnaire.  It is but one of our strategies but the most important strategy of all is to let the DHSC know the strength of our repugnance at being compulsorily medicated without consent.

Please contribute what you can; every little helps.
View our Public Consultation guidance here:
If you are interested in reading more about this controversial policy, visit: .
And remember, just because some 'authority' claims something will happen, doesn't mean it will. Anyone clued up on the decades’ long fight against fluoride can tell you that we have had 53 victories at preventing fluoridation programmes since 1958 in our fight against this most unwise practice.