No Baby Blisters

How this rare disease nonprofit raises big funds to make a big impact

$5 million +
Funds Raised
70K +
Donors Gained

The challenge

Raising millions for each child

No Baby Blisters raises funds to help children suffering from Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare skin disease that causes the skin to blister or peel off, resulting in extreme pain and even death. They work with children on five continents.

Since children suffering from EB need ongoing support, No Baby Blisters needed to recruit more monthly donors to help. Properly displaying a monthly donation option, and having the ability to show supporters where each gift goes were important factors in helping their small staff go a long way.

The challenge

The solution

Bringing in more long-term donors

No Baby Blisters started using Donorbox Donation Forms to:

  • Highlight the monthly giving option for donors
  • Show the importance a recurring gift can make
  • Allow supporters to manage recurring gifts without any help from NBB staff

They customize each donation amount to reflect the supplies each level provides for a child. For example, a $250 donation buys baby Lily: “30 Days of Pain Medicine, 30 Days of Life-Saving Special Bandages plus 30 Days of Wound-Healing Nutritional Meals.”

Donations to specific campaigns are easy to track inside Donorbox, meaning the funds go to the right child. This results in even more donations, since a donor can then give to a different campaign to support a different child!

The solution

The result

In their first year of fundraising with Donorbox, No Baby Blisters raised $2 million. The following year, they more than doubled their fundraising and raised $5 million.

“When we started fundraising, we knew we wanted something that could support our long term growth. So we tested several solutions head to head, and Donorbox provided the best donor experience and the best donation completion rate. Now we’ve had over 70,000 donors donate through Donorbox. The system has been really robust and able to handle that type of volume for us.”
Dr. Aaron Tabor, FounderDr. Aaron Tabor, Founder
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How you can use Donorbox the same way

  1. Use customizable donation campaigns to offer more unique calls to action for donors.
  2. Highlight a recurring donation interval option on your donation form.
  3. Utilize the Donor Portal to give donors control of their recurring giving making it easy for donors to commit to supporting your organization long term.

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