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All-in-one fundraising solution for nonprofits

Fundraising for nonprofits, whether it's a large organization or a small interest group, should come easy. Our donation forms make fundraising a simple task.

Fundraising for all nonprofit projects

Raise funds during your annual fundraiser or start a campaign for your special project.

Your nonprofit has different fundraising needs — from operational costs to volunteer expenses. You can create unlimited campaigns with Donorbox and stay on top of your nonprofit fundraising goal.

Our donation forms encourage recurring donations and help multiply your funds with the company matching option!

Fundraising for all nonprofit projects

Pick the perfect way of fundraising for your nonprofit

You don’t need coding knowledge to set up a donation form - with Donorbox, you can directly embed a customized donation form into your website and start fundraising in minutes. Or use a donate button and a pop up donation form! If your nonprofit doesn't have a website, simply host a fundraising page on Donorbox.

Our text to give feature is ideal for collecting funds on-the-go, and during events and gatherings.

Pick the perfect way of fundraising for your nonprofit

Start crowdfunding for quick nonprofit fundraising

Looking to raise funds for a special cause? Our crowdfunding feature is here for you!

Use your own crowdfunding campaign page to share your story, add pictures and videos and share updates with your supporters.

Our crowdfunding feature is designed to boost engagement — letting every supporter subscribe to your campaign and receive campaign updates and emails.

Start crowdfunding for quick nonprofit fundraising

Features that have proven to effectively increase

Collect online donations from all your prospective donors — one-time or recurring, online or offline.
Give everyone a hassle free donation experience.

Optimized for recurring giving

Optimized for recurring giving

Many of your donors might be your long time supporters. Let them easily opt for a recurring giving plan and manage it with their donor logins. Give them the option to add a comment with the donation or acknowledge them on your donor wall.

Simple donor management

Simple donor management

Easily keep track of your donors. Save important information in donor profiles, sort donors with advanced filters and easily export donor lists. You can also integrate with Salesforce and Mailchimp - we work with your favorite apps for donor engagement!

Optimized for recurring giving

Multiple payment options & secure gateway

Donorbox payment gateway is 100% secure and PCI compliant. We don’t store any bank data. We let you take donations via cards, Apple Pay, low-fee ACH & SEPA bank transfers, Google Pay, and PayPal!

We are delighted to support fundraising for amazing nonprofits

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Easy integrations

Donorbox integrates very easily with all major website builders. Our integrations add
more functionalities that help you manage and target your donors better.

CMS / webplatforms
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with the Donorbox online fundraising platform?

With the Donorbox online fundraising platform, you can do everything from selling event tickets to running a peer-to-peer donation campaign and more. Nonprofits, companies, political campaigns, and individuals can create a Donorbox account in minutes and start raising funds immediately.

Sign up here by first choosing your country and whether you’re a registered nonprofit, other fundraiser, or political campaign. Enter your contact information and organization description, and choose a password. Connect your Stripe or PayPal payment processor and start creating your first fundraising donation page or campaign!

What fundraising features does Donorbox offer to nonprofits?

The Donorbox fundraising platform offers numerous ways for nonprofits to raise funds. Start with an online donation page or donation form and collect one-time and recurring donations from your supporters.

When you’re ready, use our fundraising platform to create a crowdfunding or peer-to-peer campaign to reach a larger audience and raise more money for your organization. You can also use Donorbox to raise more money during your event and during other in-person opportunities with Donorbox Live™ Kiosk, text-to-give, and event ticketing.

Do I have to be a registered 501(c)(3) to raise funds with Donorbox?

Unlike many fundraising platforms, Donorbox lets anyone use its tools to raise money through donation forms, event ticketing, peer-to-peer campaigns, and more.

Is Donorbox a free fundraising platform?

Donorbox has no signup or monthly fees to create donation pages and forms, peer-to-peer campaigns, memberships, and events. Organizations and individuals on the Standard plan pay 1.75% to 2.95% percent platform fees, plus processing fees. These fees can be covered by donors (most do if given the chance!).

Nonprofits can sign up for our Pro and Premium accounts to receive advanced customizations, included add-ons, priority support, and more. Find more information about our pricing here.

Can I fundraise for an individual?

Donorbox lets nonprofits, for-profit organizations, and individual fundraisers create a donation page, form, or peer-to-peer fundraising campaign for programs, scholarship funds, individuals, and more.

How can I get more recurring donations for my nonprofit?

Donorbox makes it easy for organizations to solicit recurring donations as well as for donors to give regularly and manage their donations.

Nonprofits can build custom donation forms to solicit recurring donations with suggested amounts and donation frequency. Recurring donors can use Donorbox’s Donor Portal to increase and update donations, change their donation amount or frequency, pause, resume, or stop their gifts. Donorbox will send your nonprofit alerts when donors make a change.

Organizations can use Donorbox to form solid, long-lasting relationships with recurring donors by sending tax-compliant donor receipts after each gift and at the end of the fiscal year.

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