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We believe everyone deserves dignified employment regardless of where they come from or where they are. Help us in our mission to provide underrepresented communities with access to skills, confidence and decent jobs.

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Starting on Giving Tuesday Na'amal is asking for crucial donations to continue our work supporting refugees accessing remote dignified employment.

Today’s world is characterised by increased connectivity, which has led to a rapid digitalisation of the economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the process of digital transformation. It has been estimated that global Internet traffic in 2022 will exceed all Internet traffic up to 2016.  Digitalisation is generating new ways of employment such as “internet-based virtual work, on-demand work through online platforms, crowd working and other new forms of revenue-generating but unpaid work”. 

This has provided the opportunity for a new narrative for livelihoods. Like no other time in the past, we have the potential for education and employment for millions of people who were previously marginalised, excluded from the centres of global economic activity.  The current potential for digital livelihoods for displaced people, including refugees, is huge.

Since June 2020, when we ran our pilot, we have trained 100 refugees and host communities and we are currently working with 165 students. With more donations we can run more workshops..

- With 100$ /month we can offer our Remote Work Course to a displaced learner

- Or with 167$ /month we can run our Remote Skills Workshops for them

- With another 167$ /month we can match them with a suitable mentor and guide them through our Mentor Programme

We are incredibly grateful for any donation large or small. Every little bit helps us in supporting displaced people accessing remote dignified employment.