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      Give a Mosquito Net and safe a life!

      Give a Mosquito Net and safe a life!

      With your help we can prevent that the kids at the 22STARS Foundation in Uganda get Malaria! 

      You might followed our recent Instagram stories, of one of our girls who almost died due to Cerebral Malaria. Thankfully she survived thanks to everyone who donated to our Medical Fundaiser for her as her bills in intensive care got very high. To prevent this from happening again we urgently need to hand out Mosquito nets to all our children. We already handed out 155 nets so far, and still need to raise funds for 250 more nets. One net is 8 euro's.

      Did you know that Uganda has one of the highest number of annual deaths from malaria in Africa, as well as some of the highest reported malaria transmission rates in the world?  Uganda had about approximately 12 million cases in 2019 and over 13,000 deaths annually. (Source: WHO World Malaria Report 2019)

      These deaths could have been prevented in most cases just with money for the treatment. Something  people in especially the communities 22STARS works in don't have. We always keep some donations a side each month in order to treat children who fall sick, but of course prevention is even better!

      Thank you!!!

      A couple of pictures from September 2020 when we handed out Mosquito nets in Jinja. Additionally we also handed out extra bags of food, sanitary pads for our girls who are over 15 years old and underwear for all children .