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Help Masjid Tawheed Renovate & Upgrade!

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Masjid Tawheed Renovation & Upgrades

Masjid Tawheed is looking to raise $160,000 to complete a multi-phase renovation and overhaul of the facilities.

NOTE: If you are donating in person, please add a memo (ex: Masjid Renovation) to your checks or envelopes. 

Phase I - Technology Overhaul 

Will address the security, and technology in the facility, including a new security camera system, smart building access system, in-ceiling sound system, and Wi-Fi systems. 

Phase II - Paint & Renovation

Will address fixing the damaged walls, repainting the entire interior, new LED lighting throughout the interior, brand new carpeting, and the removal of the artificial grass and brick structure in the center of the masjid and entrance reception area to create more prayer spaces.

Phase III - Kitchen, Hall & Bathroom Remodel

Will address the remodeling of the kitchen, bathrooms, and multipurpose hall. 

Phase I - Technology Overhaul - We need $8,500 to complete this phase

The scope of the Phase I includes:

  • New high-resolution Reolink 4K security camera system for improved security and safety of the masjid building and visitors
  • Multi-Access Point Deco Mesh Wi-Fi System 
  • New in-ceiling speaker system, replacing the bulky wall mounted speaker system, fully wireless microphone system
  • Adding a powered gate opener to the main gate with automated opening and closing
  • Adding a smart locking system for improved access to the Masjid

Estimates for Phase I:

Phase II - Paint & Renovation - We need $84,000 to complete this phase

The scope of the Phase II includes:

  • Removal of brick wall/artificial grass area
  • Removal of front reception desk area
  • Reflooring of front entrance area
  • Brand new carpeting in the prayer area, or extension of existing carpeting
  • Repair damaged walls, patching, skim coat
  • Repaint of the interior (white)
  • New window shades and tint
  • More Digital Bulletin Boards
  • New energy-efficient LED lighting in the masjid
  • New Minbar (pulpit)

Estimates for Phase II:  

Other estimates to be determined... 

Phase III - Kitchen, Hall & Bathroom - We need $67,000 to complete this phase

The scope of the Phase III includes:

  • Reflooring of the kitchen, bathrooms and multipurpose hall
  • New kitchen cabinets, countertops, etc.
  • New or refurbished appliances in kitchen 
  • Replacement of faucets and improved wudu/restroom area
  • New toilets in bathrooms
  • New toilet stalls 

Estimates for Phase III:  To Be Determined... 

Note: Costs are to be determined for Phases II and Phase III, we are in the process of getting quotes for the project and will be updating the goals and costs in this campaign, work estimates, and progress as we move forward. The fundraiser goal and scope is subject to change. If we meet or exceed our campaign goals, any additional funds will go towards additional upgrades or the operating costs of the masjid. We thrive for transparency, if there are any questions please feel free to contact the management at [email protected]