Let The Ladies Go

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All donations will go towards rescuing & re-homing more lovely ladies, as well as feeding and providing them with the care and shelter they need. Donors will receive a receipt which they can claim back on tax :)

Let The Ladies Go is a Non-Profit Charity, All donations are tax-deductible with no goods or services being provided for your contribution. Thank you :)

Donor Wall (99)


Thank you for all that you do. Our 6 ladies will only experience love.

Simone Blackwell | A$50

Thank you for what you do! The girls wouldn’t have a chance otherwise 🐓

Michelle Nixon/Osborne | A$50

Keep doing the right thing.. You are amazing !! I've got enough Hens for my yard size, but happy to donate.. Those ladies thank you <3

Sarah | A$20

Thankyou for our new girls :)

Shelley Towle | A$15

Thank you for the work you do 🌻

Audrey Morrison | A$100

Picked up girls from Gloucester .. your hard work and dedication is very appreciated xx Audrey

Teneale | A$10

Keep going, you’re doing an amazing job and saving so many precious lives ❤️


Picked up my girls from Fiona yesterday. Thank you they are settling in well!!

Kate | A$100

I so love the kind and caring work you do for the gorgeous girls, the so deserve a good life and that is what you are giving them. We have 3 and love them dearly.

Teneale Lavender | A$25

You are appreciated and loved Tania please keep going for the hundreds of thousands of girls you have saved. Thank you x

Deanne Holmes | A$20

You are amazing I am coming to adopt as soon as their area is finished

Tammy Allen | A$50

Adopted 3 ladies today thank you so much for everything you do


Adopted 2 ladies today, they are settling in well, so glad to give them a forever home. Great work you are doing.

Karen | A$50

Sarah Chambers | A$50

You do wonderful work and your love and kindness goes beyond that. Bless you all and your amazing helpers.

Lesley Tetley | A$10/M

Thank you so much. Love your work.

Miranda | A$2,000

For the ladies, and because we cherish you and what you stand for.

Stacey Horton | A$40

Thank you for the 4 beautiful girls I adopted today. You are amazing Tania!

Tess | A$100

Thank you for bringing the little ladies to Coffs Harbour for us. When I got home and let them out of the carrier, they started scratching around in the mulch within 15 minutes.

Stephen | A$50

Jessica Kelly | A$140

Thankyou for being such caring souls.

Elizabeth Gardiner | A$100

From Laura and Daniel

Karen Logue | A$100

Keep up the good work! So glad you are there to help.

Christine Riding | A$50

Georgia | A$5

I would love to give more but I’m only earning $90/week from tutoring at the moment. You are doing a wonderful thing saving these chooks!

Melinda Giannini | A$40/M

A monthly donation to help you continue your amazing work. Thank you again for our girls with special needs x

Stacey Horton | A$5/M

You are all amazing!

Carol Starr | A$5/M

Keep up the good work, amazing

Shell McGovern | A$10/M

Monthly donation from my girls to yours. Thank you for all that you do xx

Sally | A$100

Working towards getting a chook run set up, can happen soon enough to rehome some of your girls