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Keep NatureTrackers on track!

We're in this for the long haul. It takes time to detect a sustained population decline in a threatened species. If we want to be sure conservation efforts are working, or to check the impacts of some new potential threats — sometimes it's both at once! — it's also a good idea to keep monitoring long term, to check how the population is responding. 


How much is needed?


For NatureTrackers, our online fund-raising priority is to secure the program as long-term sustainable, ultimately costing little to coordinate as we apply the same tools each year for outreach, education, monitoring, data analyses and public reporting on any changes. Some of these tools are now well established, and even automated, but others are still being completed. Funding needs include:



...aiming to foster interest in protecting & monitoring Tasmania's species, through science, art & more, and to attract more survey participants. If we increase the amount of data collected each year, we increase survey sensitivity — meaning that population changes for more species can be detected more swiftly.

  • Complete and maintain NatureTrackers' new website
  • Upgrade and maintain the school-curriculum-aligned education resources, and the Expedition Class website that hosts them
  • Create & maintain fun stuff to engage & prepare everyone — videos, quizzes, flyers & more



  • Refine & maintain the new Where? Where? Wedgie! data recording app. Learning from its first outing in 2021, we can now make it easier to use, & reduce risk of simple recording errors that take time to tidy up



  • Human brains are needed to make this all happen, with salaries to ensure that NatureTrackers’ future doesn’t solely depend on people obsessed enough to work for free

Your participation in the annual monitoring projects is the greatest way to make a difference. But if you're able to assist in other ways as well - donations can help secure NatureTrackers for the future.


We've set a goal to raise $1000 a month towards keeping NatureTrackers on track. Is that possible? Let's see how much we can achieve in 2022!