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Represent Italy in the 2024 Women's U20 World and European Championships, and continue to advance Italy Lacrosse on the international stage.

We are actively seeking a strategic partnership and investment of $157,000 to place Italia Women's Lacrosse on equal footing with our European counterparts. We are committed and competitive athletes with the goal of sending both our Senior National Team to the 2024 European Championship in Braga, Portugal, and our Junior U20 National Team to the 2024 World Championship in Hong Kong, China.

Additionally, we aspire to open the door for future talented female athletes in Italy, providing opportunities for young women to not only enhance their athletic skills but also develop essential life skills such as leadership, teamwork, and resilience. This investment not only contributes to the growth and success of our team, but also offers compelling marketing opportunities and brand visibility within the expanding market of international women's sports.


Italia Women's Lacrosse has consistently demonstrated performance and potential in the international women's lacrosse arena. With a solid participant base and a recent track record of significant advancement, we are poised for growth at exactly the time when the sport of lacrosse is gaining visibility and importance, especially with its inclusion in the 2028 L.A. Olympics. Your generous funding will be instrumental in unlocking key opportunities in 2024 and beyond, allowing us to compete at the highest level, and make a lasting impact on future women's lacrosse development in Italy.

Despite lacrosse's popularity in many countries for its unique combination of speed, skill, and teamwork, the women's lacrosse movement in Italy is still in its early stages. Lacrosse is set to return to the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 2028, we are diligently working to change this, now that lacrosse is officially part of the Italian Hockey Federation within CONI (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale di Italia). With women's sports growing exponentially in popularity and investment, this presents a unique opportunity for us all to be at the forefront of this significant shift. Your support will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Italian women's lacrosse.

Here's how your generous contribution will make a significant long-term impact:

  1. Player Development: Your donation contributes directly to providing coaching, training facilities, and equipment for aspiring young female athletes, empowering them not only as skilled lacrosse players but also as strong, confident individuals.
  2. Tournaments and Competitions: Your support enables our teams to compete on a broader stage, gaining exposure and experience crucial to the overall growth of women's lacrosse in Italy. Specifically in the 2024 U20 Women's World Championship in Hong Kong, and the 2024 European Women's Championship in Portugal.
  3. Equipment and Uniforms: Your donation helps provide essential gear, ensuring financial constraints do not hinder anyone from pursuing their love for the sport.
  4. Youth Programs: We aim to establish and expand youth lacrosse programs across Italy, making the sport accessible to girls of all ages and backgrounds. Your support will help us organize clinics, workshops, and leagues, fostering a supportive community that nurtures talent and passion.


2024 European Championship: Braga, Portugal, July 10 - 20

22 Senior National Team players plus four staff, covering entry fees, room and board, uniforms, and fees for this 10-day quadrennial tournament.

2024 U20 World Championship: Hong Kong, August 15 - 25

22 Junior National Team players plus six staff, covering entry fees, room and board, uniforms, flights, and fees for the 12-day quadrennial tournament.

In 2024, due to scheduling changes during COVID, we face an additional financial burden with two major tournaments on the horizon. We are currently seeking one or a few key supporters who can assist us in sending our teams to Hong Kong for the U20 Women's World Championship, and to Portugal for the Women's European Championship. Without external support, participating in these tournaments will be impossible.In total, we are in need of $157,000 for 2024!


Winning Culture 

With improved resources, Women's Lacrosse Italia is positioned to attract high-quality players and devote resources towards tournament preparation and team building, leading to increased fan support and brand recognition.

Marketing Exposure 

Sponsors and partners will benefit from national-level team visibility at a relatively low cost, compared to other sports, providing an early opportunity to support the ever-growing sector of professional women’s sports on an international stage.

Community Impact 

Investing in Women’s Lacrosse Italia means contributing to the growth of Italian women's sports culture and community engagement, making a positive impact beyond the playing field.


To express our gratitude to our principal sponsors, we have established a donor recognition program that includes acknowledgment on our uniform, website, social media platforms, and event materials. You will also receive regular updates on the impact of your contribution, allowing you to witness the positive changes your support brings about.

We firmly believe that investing in women's lacrosse in Italy goes beyond the field- it is an investment in the empowerment, resilience, and leadership of future generations. Your support will create a lasting legacy and help pave the way for Italian women to excel in both sports and life.

Images of Team Italia in our sponsored gear will appear in each tournament's advertising and social media. There is an opportunity for smaller supporters to also be included in our promotions.


Thank you for considering this opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of young women in Italy. We would like the opportunity to speak to you about being a sponsor of Italia Women's Lacrosse. Together, we can build a stronger, more vibrant future for women's lacrosse in Italy.


Marina Alvino, U20 Team Manager, [email protected]

Nelya Ostafiychuk, Senior Team Manager, [email protected]

Sonia Mihelic, Fundraising Coordinator | Parent, [email protected]

Italia Women's Lacrosse | [email protected]