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OIPA - International Organization for Animal Protection -  launches an important campaign in aid of stray animals in the region of Kurdistan – Iraq, where episodes of animal cruelty are continuously reported from local people, associations and advocates, who daily witness incessant abuses on animals. 

SITUATION AND RECENT EPISODE: There are over 300 thousand stray dogs in the Kurdistan Region. Over the years, governorates have employed the most disturbing and violent killing methods to address the problem of dog overpopulation, such as poisoning, shooting or keeping a large number of dogs in shelters without nourishment and medical care, rather than coordinate and implement effective TNVR (trap-neuter-vaccinate-release) programs in different cities.

The most recent episode of cruelty reported refers to stray dogs inside the municipal shelter of Erbil. Numerous people around the city have collected evidence of the inhumane living conditions endured by animals into the facility. A large number of dogs have been collected from the streets and left all together outdoors to die from cold, hunger and thirst. They are not being fed at all and they feed off of each other’s deceased corpses to survive. 

Local animal rights organizations plan to organize a meeting with Erbil Governorate to demand better conditions for animals, while they are calling on the Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq (KRG) to take immediate and effective action against animal cruelty.

To help stray animals neglected, abused and abandoned in Erbil and the rest of Kurdistan region, OIPA wants to support its member league association KOARP – Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection

KOARP is a non-governmental organization, founded in 2009 by Dr. Sulaiman Tamer – a one of a kind animal activist and veterinarian, focusing on animal rights’ protection in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Their main activities range from feeding all kinds of animals, especially stray dogs and cats, and guaranteeing them medical care, treatment, vaccination and sterilization, to raising awareness in schools and communities and advocating for the drafting, upgrading and improvement of Animal Rights Protection Laws in Kurdistan.

With your help, we are now trying to collect enough donations to cooperate with KOARP on long-term projects, including spaying/neutering programs for stray animals, educational activities, vaccinations and medical care for domestic and wild animals.