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Help the Future Forests Network.

Would you like to help create a more forested UK?

At the Future Forests Network (FFN) we have been helping people plant trees in their communities for almost 3 years now.

Every year new community tree planting groups form and are added to the FFN map ( As a result, more and more people find planting events to attend.

The FFN is the only place to find a comprehensive map of tree planting events throughout the UK. The project gives free publicity to event organisers and provides all the key information needed to help people set up their own groups.

As I type, with very little publicity, the FFN website has had more than 35,000 page views in the last 12 months. We receive regular positive feedback from both volunteer planters and event organisers (see below). There is clearly a demand for the resource and it is increasingly of use to people.

Currently the FFN receives no other form of funding. 

So, even a regular donation of just £2 a month would really help.

Joining local planting groups not only leads to ecological benefits, reduces flooding, draws C02 out of the air and improves mental & physical health, it also enables strong positive community groups to develop.

Contributing financially will enable the FFN to continue directly promoting and supporting community projects nationwide. 

All surplus beyond the running costs of the FFN will be reinvested in to these foresting projects.

Please consider donating.

Many thanks

Tom White
Future Forests Network


"We depend on volunteers to enable us to plant many more trees than we could do otherwise. The Future Forests Network is really great. It's a really valuable resource for both tree groups and those who want to go planting. Just the other day I was doing a stall at a local fete, a man from London asked if I knew any groups in his area. I was able to direct him to the Future Forests Network website, it felt GOOD !"

Jim Peterken - Core Staff - Treesponsiblity, Hebden Bridge  (long term 20 yr planting project)

" Thanks Future Forests Network for your help both practically, and of course with publicity. Loads of our volunteers are using and referring to your website. Great work. "

John Hodgson - Project Officer - Restoring Hardknott Forest, Lake District (Long term project).

"I was surprised at how many people didn't find us via our fb group. I probably had 10+ visitors due to your map and now have a strong group of supporters who want to join us again for future events. This free access helped us gain support from over a 50mile radius for our 1st dec planting event, we had 50+ visitors join us .... thank you 💚🌱🌲💚"

Mandy K - Randoms Retreat CIC, County Durham - Long term project

"Excellent, this is just what is needed and makes it easy to find local projects."

Stuart T , Tree planting UK forum.

"That's exactly what I was looking for! We want to join our boy and find a community tree planting event nearby that we could be part of. I'll go and check out the map now!"

Marie V, Tree planting UK forum.

"This is exactly what I've been looking for."

Aimee W, Tree planting UK forum.

"this is a really valuable resource that I forward to lots of different people who are looking for tree planting projects. I use it to find Rewilding projects."

Tash M.

"I keep checking the map to see if any new projects have been added which I can attend."

Joe C.

"A great resource, as a volunteer, just what I needed to get involved. Thanks for all your hard work!"

Sophy T.