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Donate to Help us Create a Self-Paced Real Math

With the world in a state of chaos in 2020, Mama Fe-Fe and Baba Be were thinking about ways that they could empower today's youth with the knowledge necessary to help them flourish. Amid all of the lockdowns, mandates, and shifts to virtual school, there were many questions with not a lot of answers. Therefore, we decided to answer the call and create Real Math. 


Real Math is a story-based and project-based course for ages 9 - 16, that puts your children in a real-world scenario where they will learn the following:


- Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Basics of Math in Owning a business with employees 

- Basics of Math in Planting and Growing food

- Basics of Math in Home Improvement

Financial Management (Balancing a budget and Profit Statement) 

Graphs (line graphs)


- Geometry & Algebra 

Decimals & Fractions 

- Adding & Subtracting Integers 


Your child learns all of this information through the process of having three different families with three different stories who all have to use Real Math Application to solve their Real Problems. During this course scholars learn how to plan the size of their farm, start a business, budget and more. Your child will learn to have a deeper understanding of needs and wants, find ways to create income to be financially free, learn to prioritize and use math as a guide. 

Family 1 Scenario Needs Your Help to Solve Their Real Problems with REALMath! 



Family 2 Scenario will Be Revealed Soon Help us finish downloading them



Family #3 is kinda hysterical and really could use you    



The three families have to plan to work together in order to reach their goals. It gets so real that some of these families come to make tough sacrifices to reach their financial needs. The families solve many problems, from determining the angle of the sun shine rays on the house and where it hits to match the angle of the solar panels on the roof, to deciding what to downsize to make ends meet or what talent or skill to turn into a business and finally reach their own versions of self sufficiency! You are going to be entertained and put to work to help direct these three families in solving their Real Math Problems!


After teaching this course throughout 2020, we received a large amount of positive feedback from our Berry Good Family. The learners would be EAGER to do the homework and come back to learn more. 


Seeing the impact this course has made so far, we felt that this course should be shared with more learners around the world. To reach these learners, we have decided to create a self-paced course that will change the trajectory of their thinking, put their problem solving skills to the test and expand their positioning in their future. Especially given the uncertain times we are in. We hope this course will give your children the tools and the experience needed to gain confidence in their ability and use math in real world scenarios to better themselves and help solve real world issues for the collective.  

In order to create this course, we need your help. We would like to provide a quality product that can withstand the test of time. However, we do not have all of the resources we need to make that happen at the moment. With your support, we would have resources necessary to see this course through. We appreciate your help with this course and we look forward to you joining us on the journey of teaching our youth the importance of math while building critical thinking skills and problem solving skills. 

Here is the breakdown of what the funds raised will cover:

Time to Complete Course: 3 Months after the goal amount of donations is raised