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      We rescued 20 dogs and 3 cats from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival this year.

      The dogs escaped the wrath of the dog butchers and torturous death, however, many of them are fighting a contagious disease called the distemper virus and also pneumonia. 

      Distemper is a very serious condition. As it is a virus, there is no specific cure; cases simply have to be nursed, and secondary infections are treated with antibiotics where they occur.

      There is no cure for canine distemper infection although dogs can recover and go on to live good lives. 

      Your gift will allow us to continue supportive care and efforts to prevent secondary infections; control vomiting, diarrhoea and neurologic symptoms; and combat dehydration through the administration of fluids.

      It's costly to treat and can easily run into thousands of dollars per dog. We want to give them the best chance of survival as they have already seen the worst of humanity and they deserve the gift of life. We are now raising funds to be able to extend their treatment for another month with the intention that they can circumvent their current health challenges.