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Help Me Launch A Better Media Platform

I am raising money for The DG Sentinel, an international media platform committed to uplifting marginalized voices, telling authentic stories from around the world, and featuring unique takes on relationships and mental health. We will always be nonpartisan, independent, and ethical.

Here is my story.


My name is Isvari Maranwe and I’ve spent my life sharing stories other people did not have the opportunity to share.

For the last two years, I have been living off savings and haven’t earned a penny.


It’s because of these stories.

There are thousands, millions even, of stories worthy and needing to be told that simply remain voiceless.

It was not one single moment that led me here, but many. From my early career of writing for the Boston Globe to becoming a top writer on Medium, I focused on stories and experiences that usually didn’t land on pages.  When I co-founded Dweebs Global in 2020, an international nonprofit providing free mental health support and career advice worldwide, we had hundreds of people requesting our services, and my volunteer team and I were thrilled to help for free. We still are.

Providing a voice and place for those stories is where my story takes me today and where my story merges with yours.

So today, I’m multiplying my efforts by working with an international team to change the face of media and I need your help. With your support, for as little as $10, you can help me and dozens of like-minded people from around the world create a place for the voiceless to have a voice.

Here are just a few stories of our volunteers that I want to share with you.

Rinu Oduala, a Nigerian human rights activist, was forced to live on the run during deadly police brutality in Nigeria. Thanks to teacher strikes, many students in the country haven’t been able to graduate in years. 

May* lost her home in Yangon and watched military police shoot protestors in front of her house. Almost no one in the Western world knows about the 2,000 dead citizens or the ten of thousands detained in the ongoing coup in Myanmar.

Priya has schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder, but because international media consistently portrays folks like her as “crazy”, it isn’t safe for her to share her story.

Parvati was forced into an arranged marriage in India. When the marriage ended within months, her parents kept trying to get her married off in America every single year. Twenty five years later, she remains single.

Jayden is a nurse who is tired of harmful health fads and medical standards that have not been adapted for Black people. 

Ana suffers from endometriosis and has periods more painful than a heart attack. 

Alexandra is a queer activist in Russia. 

We want our stories told. And we need your help. 

Like so many others around the world, our editors, writers, and staff are tired of the traditional media platforms which use tactics such as scare-mongering, clickbaiting, dog-whistling, and even blatant promotion of one political party over another. 

The DG Sentinel, our platform, will uplift local and marginalized voices around the world. We feature people, not pundits. We cover topics ranging from gritty mental health to passionate tales of people living through war and disaster. We feature articles on chronic illness, international debates on race, doctor-patient relationships, inter- and multi-generational issues and more. 

No screaming. 

No echo chambers. 

No Western bias. 

The DG Sentinel is independent. Ethical. Non-partisan. Queer, minority, and female-led. 

Our team includes successful editors, columnists from some of the world’s biggest papers, viral writers, senior marketing professionals, finance experts, and tech wizards. We are all volunteers and we come from South Africa, Indonesia, India, the United States, Nigeria and Myanmar. 

Our board includes the Emmy-Award winning writer Topaz Adizes, the VP of Content at Medium/Former BuzzFeed Editorial Director Scott Lamb, the Award-Winning Author Kayla Ancrum, LGBTQ+ Rights Activist/Influencer Steph Frosch, famous YouTuber Trevor James, and Award-Winning PR and Marketing Agent, Pablo O’Hana

So, why do we need your support and donation?

To create our website! 

  • $5,000 will allow us to develop a basic website

  • $30,000 will allow us to launch the DG Sentinel within the next two months with a strong website and stellar UI/UX design

  • Ideally, we would like to raise $50,000 to accelerate our future plans.  

Your donation money will go directly to our work. We are a nonprofit. Right now, the team are all volunteers.

Most importantly, we need your support and donation to effect change and to establish a platform for the global voices, which need to be heard.

Lastly, thank you.

Note: All your money is going to the work we’re doing on the DG Sentinel, which is a part of the Dweebs Global Foundation. However, your money is not going generally to the work we do at Dweebs Global; it’s going to the DG Sentinel and the DG Sentinel alone. If you’re interested, you can email us and ask for the accounting. We are always happy to provide it. 

*Names changed for privacy.

  • Photo from Christina Lee

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