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You can use the Donate button when you want to pay by creditcard, or when you are from Holland to pay with Ideal. Than click "anders" instead of "creditcard". When you want to pay by bank transfer please look at the webpage. If you pay from The Netherlands your gift will be tax deductable as it is channelled fhrough Friends of Haydom Netherlands which has the ANBI status.
HAYDOM MARATHON - MAY 27 2023 "run to save the needy"

On Saturday May 27 it’s time again for the Haydom Marathon! For the sixth time on a row this fundraising event will take place. In the previous years we raised money for different goals, but just like last year it is the time to help our poor neighbours. The fundraising goal for this marathon is to raise money for the Poor Patient Fund. This is a fund within the hospital that is used for patients who can't pay for their treatment. As Haydom is in one of the poorest regions of Tanzania, you can understant that this fund is almost empty, Let's help the poor to let them have the health care they need!

Haydom staff and supporters will look for their limits in going for a 20km, 10km or 5 km marathon. Or just the fun-run. We hope they will reach their goals as the sponsors want to see their sweated faces in exchange for their donation!

Haydom is situated in one or the poorest areas of the country. As the average income of the people is slowly growing, the poorest of the poor still stay in their hopeless situation. To make it possible also for these people to get treatment in our hospital we have the Poor Patient Fund. But, as the previous years more people were making use of this fund the fund is now empty. We hope you will contribute for this lifesaving goal!


- by Creditcard: push the Donate button
- by Ideal (only NL): push the Donate button and choose "anders" instead of "creditcard"
- by bank transfer straight to the Hospitals account in Tanzania:

EURO bank account nr: 1950495423200 or US$ bank account nr: 0250495423200
Name account holder: Haydom Lutheran Hospital,  PO Box 9000, Haydom, Manyara 
Name of the bank: CRDB BANK PLC, Dar es Salam 


if you want to pay through an European bank to avoid bank expenses use the bank account of Friends of Haydom Netherlands, these donations will be 100% forwarded to the Haydom account: 
EURO bank account nr (IBAN): NL89 INGB 0008 1412 77 
Name account holder: Stichting Friends of Haydom NL, 's-Gravenweg 400, Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands 
Name of the bank: ING Bank, Amsterdam