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We strongly believe in the power of leadership and young people to drive change.

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Haitian Leaders Impact Fund

All donations to the Haitian Leaders Impact Fund are tax deductible.

On August 14, another severe earthquake has devastated parts of Haiti. 11 years after the last one, which killed more than 200,000 people, the country is back on its knees. The departments of the South, Grand'Anse and Nippe are the most affected. 

Authorities are still counting but so far, they have reported:

  • Well over 2,000 deaths

  • 75,000 families impacted

  • Close to 90,000 houses destroyed or severely damaged

As a community of leaders, BanjLittle Footprints Big Steps (LFBS), and its partners are standing up today. We call upon our network to stand in support with blood, food, water and materials for the relief efforts, but we also want to support the long-term reconstruction process of the big south by providing locals with the opportunity to get involved.

We strongly believe in the power of leadership and young people to drive change. We do not want to repeat the same mistakes of 2010 – ensuring that this time locals are at the center of the recovery and rebuilding process. 

We also want to do what we do best: support local entrepreneurs. 

This is why we launched the HAITIAN LEADERS IMPACT FUND!

We want to raise 1 million dollars (tax deductible).

We will use the power of our incubator and LFBS team on the ground in the South to identify and support 100 initiatives coming from areas affected by this earthquake. We pledge to provide these entrepreneurs with expert coaching, as well as $10,000 each to grow their businesses – which will help their own communities recover from this disaster. 

This is inspired by the work Banj has already been doing to support entrepreneurs in many parts of Haiti.

We are also calling on the support of volunteers to be trained as coaches, leveraging our proven methodology, to make sure every initiative we support becomes a success within six months to a year.

We will be seeking local-led projects local-led projects in sectors that are essential to create jobs, sustainability  and lasting economic value for the recovery of the big South including:

  • Agriculture and Agro industries

  • Child Protection

  • Construction

  • Education

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Environment

  • Food Security and Nutrition

  • Gender Equity

  • Healthcare

  • Technology

  • Tourism

We are convinced that this investment will play a big role in shaping the future of these communities and empower hundreds of leaders wanting to be the change they so dearly want to see in Haiti.

You can join us and support this initiative by adding your contribution today to this already growing fund.

You can also join the board of this fund by being one of the first to donate to support the equivalent of at least five upcoming projects. Participating in this unique opportunity allows you to have a voice in how the funds will be allocated.

If your entire organization wants to become a partner,  please email us at [email protected].

$1Million + 100 initiatives  + $10,000 to each entrepreneur + mentoring and coaching support from our community: This is how we will impact the future of Haiti together through local leadership and entrepreneurship for sustainable impact!

Thank you very much!

The Haitian Leaders Impact Founding Team

  • Marc Alain Boucicault (Founder and CEO Banj)

  • Morgan Wienberg (Co-Founder, Executive Director LFBS)

  • Duquesne Fednard (Cofounder CETEMOH and CEO D&A Green Enterprises)

  • Jason Atkins (Founder and CEO 360insights) 

This initiative is supported by: AUF, Groupe ECHO Haiti, Hope for Haiti, Thinkinnov, Le Paradis Haitien, Seven Pixel and HaitiEfficace.

If you are making a donation of more than $10,000, please contact LFBS directly with 'HLIF donation' in the subject line.

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