Help Save High Scores!

UPDATE MARCH 15, 2020:

We are currently closed in an effort to keep our communities well in light of the national health crisis. This is HARD for a small business; we don't have unemployment, we don't have an employer behind us sending us paychecks - we DO have rent in four places and a host of ongoing bills that won't stop just because the revenue did. We plan to use this downtime to give the arcade the cleaning of a lifetime and some other repairs, etc., so we can come back stronger than ever. We don’t yet have guidance from health officials as to when our state will come online for business.

But to come back, we're going to need your support!! Please consider a one-time or ongoing donation.

High Scores Interactive Arcade Museum is dedicated to the preservation and protection of classic arcade cabinets of the 1970s, 80s, and early 90s. We are a family business co-owned by husband and wife team Shawn and Meg Livernoche, and together with a small part-time staff we maintain two brick-and-mortar arcade locations in California's East Bay and an additional offsite workshop housing nearly 200 original arcade games in total.  

Our preservation effort goes well beyond the business or walls of the arcades; we're in the background finding all sorts of titles and stockpiling them. We're finding the original controls. We're bringing the CRT monitors back to life. We’re taking spur-of-the-moment trips everywhere and meeting strangers from Craigslist and pulling 300 pound machines out of basements all by ourselves while our 5 and 3 year old watch. Why would we do these things? We already have more than enough arcade games to rotate in our stores for years to come. Every time we rescue and restore a classic machine, it is partly and sometimes entirely a labor of love, and to make sure future generations can experience these games as close to their original conditions as possible. Because these electronics weren’t meant to last 30-50 years. Because there aren’t that many original operational machines left. Because some people are still spilling beer on them.

Our arcades in Alameda and Hayward do well to support their footprints, but beyond normal business, we absorb a huge cost to house an additional 85+ arcade cabinets and spare parts monthly. Not all of our arcade games are ones that will ever "make us money" - some of them, like ATARI I-Robot, Major Havoc, Kangaroo, etc may not occupy the arcade for long periods of time, but they all played important roles in the evolution of game design, be it in graphics, audio, artwork, or cabinet design and we think they're important to save from the curbs and the landfills so they can be shared. While we don’t personally need 4 Defender machines or a dedicated ATARI Arabian enough to justify storing them, they are in good hands with us and we would like to save as many more as we can.

We are asking for help from other enthusiasts that love what we’re doing and want to contribute to our arcade preservation mission. We're in the Bay Area, arguably one of the most expensive places to live and do business, and as the magnitude of our preservation has extended beyond our needs as operators, we’re not too proud to ask for a hand. There’s a range of donation options and moreover, the possibility of donating on a monthly basis.

We don't have the space to show you our whole collection at once, but your donation goes towards having a huge range of titles in pristine, restored and working order to rotate in and out of our arcade doors to give people the chance to explore the corners of video game history that may slip away otherwise. We keep our daily admission prices low and family friendly, but rising costs in operating expenses leaves less for our preservations efforts.

Please note we are not a 501(c)3, but rather a small husband-and-wife sole proprietorship. Your donation, while immensely appreciated, will not be tax deductible.

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Please note we are not a 501(c)3, but rather a small husband-and-wife sole proprietorship. Your donation, while immensely appreciated, will not be tax deductible.

Donor Wall72

Julie Treichler | $50

Hang in there!

Matt Dusek | $500

It’s so great to have a rad local arcade (two!) here in the Bay Area. Takes me back to my days as a young button junkie at The Wizard, many extra lives ago. I’d hate to lose it.

Christopher | $100

As a big fan of old arcade games, your arcades have some of the best games kept in great condition. Here's to keeping it that way.


I have never been to High Scores but I want to support diverse businesses on Park Street.

serge wilson | $100

Hang in there, friends!

Kellee | $25

Jonah | $100

Here’s some tokens for the cause!

Rachel Saidman | $50

Thank you for providing a safe and fun place for kids in alameda to hang out 😀

Jennifer | $25


High Scores is our favorite place for Date Nights! Can’t wait to go there again when the pandemic is over!

Eddie Cantrell | $25

Love your place! good luck and stay safe

Doug | $25

Lisa | $100

miss you high scores!

Angela | $50

Please keep it going and stay safe!

Buzz Morgan | $40

You guys are the absolute BEST and truly miss you guys. Lots of love.

Scott Stone | $100

Told you I'd donate more when I could.

Collin | $100

Catie | $25

O Blizard | $100

Michael McHale | $100

Good luck High Scores, let’s keep the dream alive!

Shawn Martin | $100

Long live High Scores.

Renée Rettig | $100/M

Eric Gottesman | $100

You guys are one of my favorite things about Alameda, and literally the first business I thought of when stuff started closing. I hope to be back at High Scores failing terribly at Discs of Tron soon.

Eden Grace | $50

Dennis | $100

Don't just support your local business, people. Support the great folks who are the heart of our community. THANK YOU, HIGH SCORES! You rock!!

Richard Thomas | $200

Thank you for giving me my childhood back an hour at a time.

Angela | $50

We love High Scores and visit at least once a week, have to hold ourselves back from coming every other day! You’re an essential part of why we live being here in the East Bay. Miss you and see you all soon!

Julie | $25

Thanks for the happy memories our family has made in Hayward. We are 80s enthusiasts ranging in age from 11 to 47.

Scott Dohemann | $100

Open soon!

Stacy Mcclanahan | $10