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Age Equity Alliance is a certified 501(c) (3) charitable organization, EIN 85-1083436. All donations are deemed tax-deductible absent any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular taxpayer. No goods or services are provided in exchange for your contribution.
Giving Tuesday 2023

Breaking Barriers: Empowering All Ages in the Workplace

Have you ever experienced workplace bias or found your voice silenced for reasons unrelated to your performance?

If you haven’t, are you prepared for how you’ll manage it when it arrives?

Younger and older workers are especially vulnerable to age bias and are often excluded from hiring, development, and promotion opportunities. 

Moreover, ageism adds a layer of potential bias and discrimination to other dimensions of diversity.

Why should people of all ages be concerned about workplace age bias, stereotypes, and discrimination? 

Because if nothing is done about it now, everyone younger will age into it.

Ask anyone who has experienced age discrimination, and they will tell you how disempowered it made them feel–discarded, empty, as if they had nothing left to live for.

Today, people are living longer than ever before, with half of today’s children expected to live to age 100 or more.

Increased longevity, combined with the continued decline in birthrates worldwide, will result in fewer workers being available to fill future vacancies. The workplace NEEDS people of all ages to fill the talent needs. And anyone who wants to work should not be barred from employment opportunities.

Workplace ageism runs rampant, and you can expect it to show up for you sooner or later. 

Age Equity Alliance (AEA) is working to change that.

AEA is committed to helping workplaces around the world understand the myriad of ways that age bias shows up in the workplace–across the age spectrum. 

Age-based bias, myths, and stereotypes interfere with a sense of organizational belonging and safety, decreasing employee satisfaction, performance, and longevity. This not only impacts individuals, but it also reduces overall company performance.

AEA meets clients where they are, in a judgment-free zone, with customized support. 

Through education, training, age equity reviews, and consultation, AEA increases awareness of unconscious age bias that disrupts workplace inclusion and employee satisfaction. 

Our review of policies, processes, and employee culture provides insights that help companies prioritize strategies to foster equitable access, opportunity, and advancement of critical talent. AEA consults with leaders to assess age awareness and age friendliness–a crucial component for companies to successfully attract, develop, and retain the talent they need for the future of work. 

This Giving Tuesday, we are happy to announce our expanded portfolio offerings.

In the new year, AEA will begin delivering specific coaching and training programs to meet the needs of individuals looking to re-enter or transition a career. 

You've asked for these courses–and, YES, we heard you!

First quarter offering will be a 90-minute webinar on Managing a Career Transition

Here’s what you’ll take away:

Job Search Tips & Tricks
Resume Building
Cover Letters
Mock Interviews
Career Transition Coaching
Leveraging Social Media Networks
Researching Employers
Setting Expectations and Realistic Timing

Every quarter, we’ll deliver relevant content for individuals just like you. And for subscribers at the Champion Level, your access is FREE.

Supporter Level ($10/monthly):

Subscriber-only bi-monthly newsletter with exclusive updates and success stories
Free admission to the biannual discussion sessions.

20% discount on paid programming, including the annual Age Equity Fall Forum in October 2024.

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All benefits from the Supporter level.

20% cheaper!

Champion Level ($250/annually):

All benefits from the Advocate level.

Free admission to Quarterly Live Training Events: Immerse yourself in age equity with exclusive quarterly access to thought-provoking webinars featuring experts discussing crucial age equity topics.

Ambassador Level ($500/annually):

All benefits from the Champion level.

Your name on our website.

Visionary Level ($1,000/annually):

All benefits from the Ambassador level.

Personalized Thank You: Receive a heartfelt thank-you note from Sheila Callaham, AEA's Board Chair & Executive Director.

VIP Access: Enjoy exclusive access to AEA events, including the chance to meet with AEA leadership.

Corporate Sponsors ($5,000/annually for up to 3,500 employees)

All benefits from the Visionary level.

Strategic age analysis and planning session for your organization.

Companies with more than 5,000 employees contact sheila.callaham@ageequityalliance to explore unique opportunities based on your business goals.

Your generous support enables further outreach to businesses, communities, and government organizations, ensuring age equity is part of every workplace strategy. Together, we can make age inclusion a core value in every workplace.

*We gladly accept matching funds.

Thank you for taking a stand against workplace ageism through your donation!


Sheila Callaham

Board Chair & Executive Director

Age Equity Alliance

AEA is a U.S.-based non-profit working globally to create workplace age awareness and age inclusion. We depend on donations from supporters like you who understand the need for age-equitable workplace opportunities, and those who care about the workplace will age into.

Your donations support our operations, ongoing content development and delivery, and the ability to collaborate with other like-minded influencers in this space. 

From our meager beginnings four years ago, supporters like you have given us the support we needed to become the global influencer we now are.

Thank you!