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100% of your donations will go towards buying the much needed chemotherapy for our dogs with cancer.
Give Chemotherapy to Dogs With Cancer in China

We currently have 4 female dogs with CTVT (Canine Transmissible Venereal Disease) who desperately need chemotherapy drugs.

We were struggling to pay for the drugs for the 2 original girls we rescued but now, 2 more girls have come to our shelter with CTVT.

Each dog needs at least 7 sessions of chemotherapy but with a box of 10 vials costing $660 (£530 /  620) we are going to need 3 boxes so that each girl gets her treatment. This is going to cost $1980 (£1590 /  1860) which we just can't spare with having to look after and feed 1700 other dogs, some already having veterinary treatment for other problems.

CTVT responds very well to chemotherapy and our girls should go into remission with the tumours gone after their treatment but if they don't get the chemo, the tumours will just get more aggressive. 

Please can you find it in your heart to help these 4 beautiful girls who have already had a hard time living on the streets?

Our shelter in situated in Sichuan, China. We fight the Dog & Cat Meat Trade, have rescued dogs from Yulin Dog Meat Festival and take education on to the streets. We rely on donations from kind people like you to continue to fight animal cruelty and rescue lives.

Learn more about CTVT here