Gene Therapy for NF2

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      We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible. Or tax ID # is 83-0940046

      Donor Wall87

      Avigad Dworetsky | $103.83

      The Hatcher's | $103.83

      In memory of Wilbur T. Summers - The Hatcher's

      Phyllis Langley

      In memory of Wilbur T. Summers and in honor of Mae & Barbara Summers

      Todd and Krista Leinberger

      In memory of Lauren Lenore Grate

      Dave Kamalman | $41.72

      In support of the Thoms family! Sorry we will miss the party tonight.

      Merrily de Boer

      in honor of grandson Bryce

      Robert Cannon

      Bobbie | $10.66

      Melissa Skyer | $100

      Steve & Diane Reason | $129.71

      In memory of Laura Buono

      Peter Glaser

      In memory of Laura Buono

      Kathy Hartwig | $103.83

      Donated in loving memory of Laura Buono and the continued fight against NF2 for her grandchildren Frank and Sarah and in memory of her son Vincent.

      Tawyana Fleming | $21.01


      We will find a cure....

      Ellise | $36.54

      On behalf of sweet Chloe

      Deian Owen | $500


      Lisa | £517.85

      For NF2 research

      Mimi Cho-Rohlfsen | $1,035.51

      Lorena | CHF103.83

      it‘s not allot, but I hope, that this desease can soon be stopped. Thank you guys for the voluntary work.


      Ensemble nous sommes plus fort

      STEPHEN FISCHER | $52.07

      In memory of Jerry Howard. Uncle of Eric Fischer and his son who both have NF2

      Lori Halle | $103.83

      Tom & Marilyn Piggott | $52.07

      Fran | $103.83

      Keep pushing

      Julie "BB" Larson | $5.49

      For Leah Manth and all of us NF2 Warriors!

      Steve R

      Cathy | A$20

      Randy Learish | $258.57

      I hear the whistle blowing, and I'm on the NF2 Biosolutions train.

      Sylvia Siu | $129.44


      To finding a you Shells!!!