Gene Therapy for NF2






Please help us raise money to end NF2 through gene therapy.

NF2 is a disease that allows tumours to grow on nerves. They can form anywhere, but tend to favour the central nervous system of the brain and spine.  Nerve damage from tumour growth is debilitating for people with NF2 and causes degenerative weakness and total loss of many functions.  A person with NF2 can have a limitless number of tumours to deal with along with degenerative hearing, vision, physical and mental challenges.  Numerous operations, chemotherapies and other treatments compact the disease further.

NF2 BioSolutions is confident that gene/cell/immuno therapy for the disease will be a cure and halt the progression. Here are currently the 4 different novel approaches that we are accelerating:

NF2 BioSolutions foundation was created by mostly medical personnels and bioscience researchers that are themselves (or a family member) directly impacted by NF2.  Therefore the motivation, purpose, passion and desire to succeed are paramount.

Other rare disease foundations have successfully funded and pushed for a gene replacement treatment of their rare diseases, and NF2 BioSolutions wants to follow that same model.

Thank you for your support, if you have any questions contact [email protected]

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      Deian Owen | $1,035.51

      Bill Henwood | $1,035.51


      In memory of Margaret Kirk Bragg Holland

      Mary | $129.71

      In memory of Margaret Holland

      Sunny Hubner | $129.71

      Marcus T Jones

      GF2 Research Gift in memory of Lanita Dawn McGee, Cincinnati, OH

      Manal | $310.87

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      For Avery and Terri Rausch ❤️


      In Memory of Alan Schiffman.

      Gerard Henwood | $1,035.51


      Found out about your cause on Counting Cars and Count's Kustoms' build for your cause. I can''t help in a big way, but do want to help in this small way. God Bless!

      Bill Henwood | $517.91

      For AJ Henwood and all who suffer from this disease.

      Barbara | $259.11

      This donation is in the name of Mr. Vito Grasso


      S., thank you so much for sharing your insights with us!

      Amy Stanlick | $50

      This donation is in honor of the graduation of Seth Gelwasser - one of the strongest and bravest people we know. Keep up the fight, Seth!

      Oliva Hoey | 40 €

      Susan Taylor | $26.19

      For my beautiful brave niece Olivia Hoey 💗

      Emily Horan | 55 €

      For Olivia Hoey from Auntie Em and Emmie xxxx


      This donation is for my dear friend Sarah Louise who has been suffering from this disease for a very long time. We all hope that the development of a cure will be possible as this disease is incredibly debilitating. Lisa

      Elizabeth | $2,070.70

      Eric has been fighting against NF2 fr 35 years. This donation is to honor the love of my life, Eric.


      Deseo se descubra la cura

      Kris Klossner | $36.54

      Sending love and Good vibes <3

      Greg and Sandy Kreps | $207.35

      Deian Owen | $1,000

      Making great progress!

      Torey | $5.49

      All the Love from the Muffin Army! -vicTorey

      Ferrous Processing and Trading Co. | $103.83

      To Steve and family, in memory of your beloved Eric Fischer. From your friends Sheldon and Dave at Ferrous Processing and Trading.

      Neurofibromatosis Michigan

      In memory of Eric Fischer

      Terri Rausch | $77.95

      In memory of Eric Fischer.

      Kennedy and Veronica | $1,035.51

      In memory of our daughter, Nadia Luckett.

      Gary & Cheryl

      In Memory of Eric Fischer