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Note: I am *BLINDING* myself from donations. That is to prevent giving preferences to those friends/family/neighbors who have donated (especially large amounts) as opposed to other Americans -- the beginnings of corruption. This means I will not know names or donation amounts. Thank you for your understanding, and thank you for your donation! Contributions are not (yet) tax deductible. / To mail a check, send to: John Fial Forward for President, 2850 SW Cedar Hills Blvd #1311, Beaverton, OR 97005
John Fial Forward for President

Note: The maximum individual contribution is $5,000. American citizens only. Mail a check: John Fial Forward: A Presidential Vision; 2850 SW Cedar Hills Blvd, #1311; Beaverton, OR 97005 

Campaign Platform:

  1. Heal the federal government by renewing our commitment to the Constitution's fundamential principles, like a separation of powers and checks and balances,
  2. Heal the nation through the process of writing constitutional amendments, like these brainstormed examples, and
  3. Lead our civilization in by deciding, implementing, and exporting the best climate change solutions.


Read Campaign Strategy, Or, “Why, If, and How an average American citizen could successfully unseat an incumbent President from his own party’s nomination” below:


Financial Plan (subject to change)

Here's how we plan to utilize these vital funds:

  1. Hire a Campaign Manager: We'll bring on a seasoned professional to guide our strategy and coordinate our efforts.
  2. Upgrade Our Website: Migrating to a more advanced platform will provide a seamless experience for supporters and offer enhanced features.
  3. Enhance Video Content: Whether sprucing up existing videos or recreating them entirely, we'll ensure our visual message is compelling and clear.
  4. Launch Stump Speeches and Debates: These initial public engagements will enable us to connect directly with voters and share our vision.

After reaching this initial milestone, our journey will continue to build momentum. Our next steps will include:

  • Continuing Stump Speeches and Debates: Regular engagement with voters is key to understanding their needs and concerns.
  • Negotiating a Leave of Absence with My Employer: This will enable me to dedicate more time to the campaign and connect with people across the nation.
  • Developing a Travel Plan: A thoughtful itinerary will allow us to reach diverse communities and spread our message more broadly.

And that's just the beginning. With your support, we can achieve these goals and more, working together to create meaningful change.

Rough goals:

  • $5,177.60 — file as a candidate, interview and hire campaign manager, setup first public speaking engagement.
  • $17,760 continue public speaking, draft travel plan and more detailed deadlines, begin equipment procurement (for travel), draft job postings for next 2-5 campaign staff members.
  • $177,600 ensure media attention (or consider spending a little for it), continue all of the above.
  • $1,776,000 expand to core 10-30 staff members.
  • $17,760,000 (funding the entire year) *

*Note: At some financial limit between $10-100,000,000 (10-100Million), I will set an absolute hard financial limit/cap. I will not accept any donations after that amount; and after the $1M or $5M mark (somewhere in the millions), the maximum individual doonation I’ll allow will decrease from $5,000 (legal limit). I’m spending American’s money, here, and I want to be conservative in how I do so — just like I’d do as President. The fact that these campaigns spend *billions* of dollars should disguest and enrage all of us!