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Bring Literacy to teen girls in the slum today!


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Ten Eighteen Inc. is a US Section 501(c) (3) charitable organization, EIN 26-3867682. All donations are deemed tax-deductible absent any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular taxpayer. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution.

How We Will Impact The Lives Of 60 Illiterate Teen Girls And Help Them Learn To Read And Write In 2024 

Expat Money™ Literacy - 

A Further Step On The Path To Freedom And Self-Reliance

Meet some of the teen girls at Touch the Slum, our program for teen moms and teen girls in Uganda's largest slum. All of them have been in our Literacy Program, generously launched by donations from the Expat Money Community in 2021. After raising over $6,000 in 2022 for this year, we are excited to partner with the Expat Money community for the third year to fund 2024.

Teen girls in the Namuwongo slum are at the bottom of the social ladder. They rarely have the opportunity to attend school, and are often encouraged into sex work by their peers and even their mothers or aunties. This leads to a cycle of pregnancy and illness that is impossible to escape.

Ten Eighteen works with teens like Faith and Brenda from the slum by providing vocational training, crisis support, counseling, mentoring, daycare, free clinic, and residential homes. Girls struggle in their vocational classes when they cannot read, write, or speak any English. That's why we added the Literacy program in January 2022, which has been a huge success. Most girls have become functionally literate and able to speak English in 5 months or less! (But the ones who take longer stay as long as they need.)

In 2024, we will have 2 terms and a total of 60 girls go through Literacy. We will be able to instruct 30 girls per term - and everything in our Touch the Slum program is always free for the girls. Our goal is give every teen girl the skills she needs to avoid turning to sex work, to create an income for herself through employment or entrepreneurship, and to have a sustainable income for herself and her family.

Exchange rate is calculated at 3600 UG shillings to $1 USD


Teachers Salary 2@350,000/mo  annual = 8,400,000

Security Guard, Cook Salaries 550,000/mo  annual = 6,600,000 

Teaching Aids  500,000/mo   annual = 6,000,000

Food (one meal per day per student + staff)  600,000/mo  annual = 7,200,000

Rent 300,000/mo  annual = 3,600,000

Electricity, water, trash  200,000/mo annual = 2,400,000

Charcoal 100,000/mo annual = 1,200,000

BASE TOTAL:  27,008,400 ($7502)

NOTE: Money raised over this amount allows us to purchase art supplies, games, basic tablets, and other extras to help the girls learn.

Ten Eighteen takes no administrative fees or salaries from donations, so 100% of donations to this project will go to the project. (You will have the chance to also pay the card processing fees to defray that cost.) 

Mwebele nyo!