Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 16/10/2023

The following are the terms and conditions (the “Agreement”) of participation in the Donorbox Affiliate Program (the “Affiliate Program”).

This Agreement governs the business relationship between you (“You”, the “Affiliate”) and Donorbox, with a business address of Rebel Idealist, 1520 Belle View Blvd #4106, Alexandria, VA 22307, (“Donorbox”, “we”, “our,” or “us”).

This Agreement may be revised at our sole discretion at any time. If we update the terms, we will let you know via the email address you used to register for our Affiliate Program.

You cannot participate in our Affiliate Program unless you agree with these terms. Acceptance into our Affiliate Program is at the sole discretion of Donorbox. This Agreement will apply for the duration that you have a registered account with our Affiliate Program, until your account is terminated.

  1. Definitions

    1. Affiliate: The party, other than Donorbox, entering into this Agreement and participating in the Affiliate Program.
    2. User: The actual customer who has registered an account with Donorbox, after being an Affiliate Lead, and uses Donorbox’s products and services.
    3. Affiliate Lead: A prospective User who clicks on the Affiliate Link that we have made available to you via the Affiliate Tool.
    4. Affiliate Link: The unique link assigned to you for the purpose of acquiring Users, available in the assets tab of your dashboard in the Affiliate Tool.
    5. Affiliate Tool: The Tapfiliate software we partner with in order for you to use to participate in the Affiliate Program.
    6. Conversion: When a User signs up with Donorbox after clicking your Affiliate Link. We automatically detect that a User has signed up through the Affiliate Tool.
    7. Assets: The marketing material you utilize for promoting Donorbox including but not limited to data, logos, graphics, images, banners, and emailers available in the assets tab of your dashboard in the Affiliate Tool.
    8. Donorbox Fees: Donorbox charges a 1,75% platform fee for donations received through our platform. Learn more about our pricing structure, including platform and optional integration fees, here.
  2. Commission Structure

    1. Eligibility:
      1. We pay commission only for Conversions that use your Affiliate Link.
      2. Customers who retroactively or manually sign up with Donorbox do not qualify as Users for commission.
      3. A User can sign up for the Affiliate Program and acquire other Users.
      4. An Affiliate signing up as an User will not be considered as a Conversion, and will not be paid commission.
    2. Commission: You will receive a 15% commission on the total revenue generated from:
      1. the platform fees and separate add-on or integration fees of your users that sign up for Donorbox Standard,
      2. the subscription fees, platform fees, and separate add-on or integration fees of your users that sign up for Donorbox Pro,
      3. and the platform fees for your users that sign up for Donorbox Premium.
    3. Commission Validity: Commissions will be paid for a period of 3 years from the date of the User’s Conversion.
  3. Recording of Conversions

    1. Tracking Cookie: If a prospective User clicks on the Affiliate Link, the user will be tagged by a cookie being placed on their browser.
    2. Tracking Cookie Validity: Tracking cookies last 45 days. For us to record the Conversion, a prospective User must sign up with Donorbox within 45 days.
    3. Multiple Tracking Cookies: Donorbox follows Tapfiliate’s last cookie rule. If a prospective User clicks multiple unique Affiliate Links, the Conversion will be recorded for the Affiliate whose Affiliate Link was clicked last.
  4. Commission Payments

    1. Minimum Payout: The minimum commission payout is $50. The commission payment will be processed only when the total commission amount you accumulate is $50 or more.
    2. Payment Method: The Affiliate Program only supports PayPal for Affiliate commission payments. The payment will not be processed for Affiliates who have not linked their PayPal account to their dashboard in the Affiliate Tool.
    3. Payment Timeline: The commission payment will be processed within 10 days from the date of the monthly bill we generate for the User.
    4. Payout Thresholds: We do not enforce any payout thresholds.
  5. Paid Promotions by Affiliates

    1. The use of paid marketing channels by an Affiliate to drive traffic is allowed with the following rules and exceptions:
      1. Use of LinkedIn Ads, Meta Ads, Twitter Ads, TikTok ads, and other similar display advertising platforms are allowed. It is required that you contact the Donorbox Team before running any paid campaigns.
      2. All creatives and copy must be approved by the Donorbox team for running ad campaigns on the above advertising platforms. Use of Donorbox’s logo, brand name or brand related keywords on any ad-related creatives is strictly prohibited without prior approval by the Donorbox team.
      3. Use of Google Ads is strictly prohibited without any exceptions.
      4. The use of practices that conflict with Donorbox’s marketing efforts cannot be used. Donorbox reserves the right to ban any account in violation of this policy, without notice at its discretion.
  6. Termination of Affiliate Partnership

    1. Donorbox reserves the right to terminate Affiliate business relationships without sending payment(s) for Affiliate’s commission and ban indefinitely the Affiliate’s account from the Affiliate Program without notice at its discretion if the Affiliate breaches terms and conditions including but not limited to:
      1. Misrepresenting or inaccurately describing Donorbox services, products, brand, or trademark.
      2. Misleading Users and prospective Users in a manner which implies the inclusion of any product, service, or experience beyond that expressly depicted on Donorbox’s website.
      3. Abusing our Affiliate Program or using any fraudulent practices to drive User Conversions or gain commission.
      4. The use of practices that conflict with Donorbox’s marketing efforts.
    2. We strictly prohibit the Conversion of an entity who you know is not a legitimate prospective Donorbox customer.