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Amadrina/apadrina a un conejo


Sin considerar los que acaban abandonados en la calle, en el campo etc. y destinados a morir. O los que siguen viviendo en una jaula DIMINUTA con una dieta incorrecta, sin cuidados veterinarios y solos hasta su muerte

Hay mucha desinformación sobre su cuidado y a menudo viven vidas muy tristes o muy cortas.

Ningún animal merece ser tratado como un objeto desechable, ni como un regalo o un juguete. Ya es tiempo de que los conocimientos YA adquiridos a nivel internacional sobre el bienestar de estos animales se difunda para que acaben los malos hábitos del pasado, todavia considerados como normalidad por muchas personas al día de hoy.







Cada conejos rescatado pasa cuarantena aislado, lo vacunamos (mixomatosi y hemorragica 1 y 2), lo castramos y todos los otros tratamientos que necesita (rayos x, hospitalización, analisis sangre y heces, abcesos etc.)

Nos llegan minimo 3-4 casos por semana, y hasta 2-3 al día ahora que ha empezado el verano. Desafortunadamente no podemos ayudarlos a todos, pero nuestras posibilidad pueden aumentar con la ayuda de mas gente, que pueda ayudarnos con los gastos veterinarios, el coste de la comida, o siendo casas de acogida. 



For my US friends and followers

I used to volunteer in the rabbit room in the OAS, while I also lived with 4 bunnies, fostered for House Rabbit Society, was supervision volunteer with HRS and run a small rabbit pet sitting business, which started out to fund a program to consistently fix the shelter bunnies which lead to a more robust process later on.

I moved to Spain to start a rabbit rescue and discovered a very different situation from the one I was used to in the Bay Area.

The shelter does no admit rabbits and mostly, they so not have the knowledge and suitable space to take care of them properly while they get adopted. Beside that, in this area there is only one dog/cat shelter for multiple highly populated cities. The situations for dogs and cats is already very difficult (plenty of them in the streets). In the entire Country there are only a handful of organizations dedicated to rescuing and educating about exotics and only two of them have the actual space to house them in a county/group living style situation context (the rest is foster based house rabbits, mostly only in big cities like Madrid and Barcelona). 

Rabbits are sold in shops at around 10$ and up and there is no requirement for buying, beside paying. They are usually bought as presents for children for religious celebrations or birthdays. Not fixing also leads to a huge number of unwanted litters that usually are given away as gifts.

The amount of cases is impressive and the lack of knowledge about their needs is widespread.

We cannot help them all, but with your help we might be able to save one more, and one more..and maybe another one. Economical limitation also put us something in the difficult situation to have to avoid doing some important tests or to keep an animal hospitalized too long, for fear of not being able to fully cover the costs.

Please consider helping us. Donations from Spain are scarce and insufficient. We currently get 81euros per month and rescued in the very first12 months 26 rabbits (each rabbit gets 3 vaccinations here, spay/neutering/x rays, abscess removal,  blood tests etc etc).

Thank you