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Donate to the Maximum Impact Fund

This week we observe the Jewish Holiday of Tisha B’av, a day of mourning that commemorates the destruction of our temples in Jerusalem and other catastrophes our people have faced. This holiday compels us to mourn, fast, and reflect on the collective tragedies of our people. In this time of reflection we mourn what we have lost, yet we also recognize that we are in unique and powerful positions to make positive change. 

Today we are engaging in one of our most impactful fundraisers to date: to save a child's life. 

The Jewish law and value of Pikuach Nefesh teaches us that saving a human life is our greatest obligation. Following that value, JCJ has launched an initiative to raise awareness of global poverty and economic inequality, and channel donations to the highest impact charities that do the most good for each dollar donated.

Our goal is to raise $4,500 for the Maximum Impact Fund by August 15. 

What is the Maximum Impact Fund?

GiveWell, the leading charity evaluator, manages and allocates the Maximum Impact Fund. It supports the highest impact charities in the world and estimates the value of saving one life at $4,500.

Funds donated will support the most important humanitarian work worldwide, such as Malaria prevention. For example, the Maximum Impact fund supports the Malaria Consortium, which provides preventative medicine to children in Sub-Saharan African countries such as Burkina Faso, Chad, and Nigeria, where the rates of Malaria are high and carry a devastating death toll. Our goal of $4,500 would not only save a child’s life, but also protect 650 children against Malaria.

This campaign is organized by the JCJ Summer 2022 Fellows.