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    Donor Wall (442)

    Sean White | $52.23

    Tad | $7.04

    Evening Chris and Heather, My question is about the Colt M4 Trooper, was at a local gunshop and on the racks of ARs for sale they had 2 of these Colt Ar15s that had Centurion Arms mlok parts on and the M4 Trooper is the closest match to it. Is the M4 Trooper a good Colt Rifle or a bad Colt Rifle? I would have finally bought my first AR if I didn't have to have dental surgery yesterday. Guess I'll have to wait to September.

    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $52.23

    Regarding the under-barrel grenade launchers that’s currently produce for the US military by LMT. Did Karl Lewis invent the concept, or are his designs of the LMT grenade launchers more of an improved version over the older/original designs?

    Leo J | $10.70

    Have you heard about release of the CZ Bren 2 in .308 any idea when will they be available to purchase

    Steve Krilich | $15.89

    Starting buffer weight for a 16 inch mid length .223 Wylde barrel with an aluminum DSA bolt carrier group?

    Ayisa | $10.70

    Have you came around to the Strike Industries adjustable gas block? Do adjustable gas blocks really help with blow back?

    Tad | $8

    Evening Chris and Heather. Finally saw Red Dawn, 1984 version. Gotta say, it was awesome...but doesn't make a lick of sense if you actually think about the logistics/geography..any my question is this, if you were in a Red Dawn scenario, would you rather take a super rugged and simple Bolt Action rifle or an AR knowing if a part breaks or is lost, the gun is useless and resupply impossible.

    Eric Taylor | $10.70

    Chis, do you use the Surefire Bore Alignment Rods to align any of your suppressors after mounting, and do you recommend using the Surefire Bore Alignment Rods to check the alignment of a mounted suppressor?

    Brian | $5.50

    Building a SP1 style tribute to my grandfather who passed away on Tuesday. How is the Brownell’s A1 furniture?

    Steve Krilich | $15.89

    When tuning an AR-15 rifle is it better to run a heavier buffer spring and the lightest buffer possible or standard carbine spring and increase the buffer weight??

    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $52.23

    Evening Chris and Heather, I don't have any questions for tonight. Just wanted to send some support.

    Kevin | $10.70

    What is the preferred measurement setup to quantify the impulse profile (force as a function of time) to the hand or shoulder? There has to be an objective way to stop the marketing insanity of magic springs, buffers, and snake oil to "reduce recoil". Objective measurements are possible.

    Mackenzie | $26.27

    If I am having a 13.9" upper with a welded Muzzle device built for both suppressed & un-suppressed shooting. What buffer weight should I use with a Mid-length gas tube?

    Evan Stogner | $5.50

    I have always wanted a Krebs or another high end AK in my collection but its out of my price range. Is it possible to make the same improvement at home or get close to his quality? If so what are the improvements? What Ak platform makes the best rifle to build from? Lastly would I be better served saving for the premium rifle or could I save a enough time and money to make it worth while?

    darryl bell | $10.70

    I have the new S&W shield pc,with ported barrel.How can I find rhe nights your on?

    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $52.23

    When did the idea of a complete “free-float” handguard rail first became conceptualize, and did ARMS Inc. had some influence when the idea was first being developed? – Especially when KAC first released their RIS/RAS quad rails and which are still being issued to the military today, but they’re not free-floated. Especially since the industry has a plethora of better rails on the market.

    Tad | $10.70

    Evening Chris and Heather, 2 questions tonight 1. Any experience with Steyr pistols? I handled a Steyr A2 MF at a local store and practically had to break my own hand to not impulse buy it. 2. Why isn't either the Beretta PX4 Store/APX more popular? I just don't get why Beretta doesn't push them the way they do the 92 series, is it because the 92 series is the military classic?

    Kevin | $10.70

    What are some reasons why a gun company would be friendly towards citizens when it comes to servicing and repairing the firearms on their own, such as CZ or Walther, and why would some companies be hostile towards citizens servicing their own firearms, such as HK, S&W, or Springfield Armory? In the prehistoric days the gun parts were custom fit due to poor manufacturing techniques and poor designs. That is no longer a valid excuse for firearms with interchangeable parts.

    Kevin | $10.70

    What are some design features of handguns to make the handguns more (or less) tolerant to sand?

    Kevin | $10.70

    Is the stepped pistol chamber a real benefit that people would ever notice, or is it more of a market differentiation item to make some pistols sound more better than others? How could a customer verify the benefit of a stepped chamber?

    Kevin | $10.70

    What could be some improvements to update the 1980's designs of the Glock pistols to make them more competitive in today's handgun market? Glock pistols are decent, but other companies have designed their own versions of plastic frame, striker-fired pistols that also work well.

    Bill | $26.27

    No question, I just want to help support the channel and thank you both for the content expertise, the TX attitude, and the honest, unbias opinions of the reviewed products. Keep up the great work.


    I love your channel, and I respect your style of teaching, and Its my understanding that you’re a veteran as well…I was in the 75th ranger regiment, 2/75 from 05-2010, so you can imagine my interest in your channel in general, but specifically your videos on colt, their rise/fall, and Lmt history during the gwot…We used the colt 14.5 during that time of course but my person “go to” rifle is the Lmt, I currently own the Lmt cqb Mars (mlock) with the e-bcg and 16” barrel. My question is this, I want to make a 11.5 spare no expense build that’s Lmt/Kac sr 15 quality but not as proprietary as the sr-15. I have the Lmt upper, and e-bcg. I’ll probably get the 10” sr-15 urx mlock rail but what would you choose for a barrel? Like you, I don’t care about weight. The smallest I’d go would be a gov profile but I’d go heavier if you say so, and ultimately whatever info you give me is exactly what I’ll go with. I’m not picky, I just want something that’s durable and true to their word on quality. Much thanks, and the ultimate love and respect to your channel. I’ll continue to donate every now and again, pleasure doing business with you.

    Kevin | $15.89

    Are Mark's Tech Notes ever going to be available again, or has the State Department once again banned any good troubleshooting information from being available due to the overly vague deemed export ruling for ITAR? Mark is one of the top people in the firearms industry, someone that was logical and scientific. When the Tech Notes went away the derp from the police instructors and the internet took over. We miss Mark and all that he has done in his career.

    Kevin | $10.70

    Has a fix been developed for the West German SIG-Sauer P-series pistols with the welded slides where the dual roll pins for the breechblock break? Can a commercial spiral wound roll pin be used in place of the dual roll pins, or is there a reason for the weak link in the design?

    Lee Walker | $5.50

    Bonjour from Cajun Catfish. Have you ever used a pre-sanction Russian Arsenal-imported SGL-21 or SGL-31 7.62x39 or 5.45x39? They're expensive now but I think you'd really like them. Have a good night!

    Kevin | $10.70

    Why would a handgun company purposefully design a horrible trigger pull weight and stroke?

    Kevin | $10.70

    What is the preferred zero distance for a red dot self-defense pistol?

    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $62.62

    Just have a couple questions to submit: The cold-hammer forged barrels that are sold by Centurion Arms, does Monty LeClair produce them in-house or are they made/supplied by another manufacturer? Typically when an AR-15/AR-10 internal components gets overworked or over gassed, the rate of fire of that weapon usually increases, along with wear and tear. But in contrast, the AK-47 is usually over gassed to reliably function its long stroke external-piston mechanism, it seems like the rate of fire usually stays consistent with 600 rounds per minute. Could you explain how it could stay consistent and not have a higher than normal rate of fire?

    Dusten | $10.70

    I understand your preference in chf chrome lined barrels but how do you feel about nitride treated bolt carriers