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    Donor Wall (19)

    Ayisa Abere | $5.50

    I want to put together a M5 AR10 can you recommend any reputable builders?

    Manuel Jaramillo | $5

    How long do buffers last in AR pattern rifles?

    James Mc | $5.56

    A retired SF soldier and current tactical class instructor recommends 55 gr or lighter rounds for better fragmentation out of a SBR at indoors home defense range and leave the heavier rounds for distance with longer barrels. Does this advice have merit?

    James Mc | $5.56

    What is a better reliability upgrade for a 14.5" carbine length gas AR, a midlength gas barrel or LMT enhanced BCG? For the cost of a new decent barrel, gas block, gas tube, and suppressor mount the costs are very close. Or maybe just the enhanced bolt with a midlength gas system?

    Richard Salario | $25

    Steve Krilich | $10.70

    Deron | $10.70

    Any thoughts, good or bad, about having a 16 inch Bartlein, Criterion barrel cut down to 13.7 or 13.9 to fit a custom build? Any idea who could perform said task.

    Christoper Pulley

    !No need to read on stream! Have you guys seen the new forgotten weapons video on the youtube union? might help towards youtube monetization for 2a channels. Just a recommendation that might (hopefully) help you guys.

    Andy | $5.50

    I have a 2001 sig p220 and even though I’ve lubed it the anodizing on the frame rail where the slide rides keeps getting more worn in one spot near the rear. Is there anything I can do to fix this

    Steve Krilich | $10.70


    Joseph Anthony | $5.50

    What do you think of the DPM systems (recoil springs) from Greece? I have one for my Jericho and it seems to help with recoil.

    Kyle | $5.50

    I swapped out my barrel on an LE6920 for an FN medium profile barrel and use an LMT enhanced bolt. I'm using a standard H buffer with a stock Colt spring. With M193, it ejects consistent, but forward at the 2 o'clock position. Is it over-gassed and should I be worried/switch to a H2 buffer?

    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $15.89

    Relating to the XM-17/18 MHS program, despite the controversy surrounding SIG P-320, did they considered developing a modern/refined version of their current P-226 model instead? Since the Sig P-226, Glock 17/19, as well as the Beretta 92 has over 30 years of experience, since their inception.

    David | $5

    What's your opinion on Sionics Weapons Systems AR's? I'd love to see you get one in for review.

    Robert Glass | $10

    I have the opportunity to buy 1000 rounds of black hills 77 gr otm (mk262). It’s on stripper clips in an ammo can. How can I tell ifs it’s real or fake?

    Hamish | $5

    If you've ever survived a Garand Thumb comment section hit that S.A.S. like button.

    barry phillips | $5

    would you recommend the lmt enhanced bcg in my bcm recce 16 inch

    Michael Mitchell | $26.27

    I wanted to thank you for your XCR review. I purchase one about a year ago and found a way to put an ACR stock on it. With that it's become my favorite range gun. My question: I'm thinking of getting a 11.5 or 12.5 BMC complete upper for my next AR build. BMC offers a cold hammer forged version of the barrels for about $80 extra. Is that feature worth the extra cost? It won't be used full auto or anything like that. Love your content, looking forward to the YC9 review.

    Steve Krilich | $10.70