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    Donor Wall (113)

    William Miller | $5.50

    Thanks for all you do for us! Please can we get some Centurion Arms reviews . Monty & Corrie are one my favorite companies to work with . Also thank you for introducing me to their fine products

    Anthony Lomastro | $10.70

    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $21.08

    Just have two questions to submit. 1) Where did Stoner came up with the numbers 10 & 15 for the AR-10 and AR-15 designations? Is it similar towards the Glock-17, where the number represented the 17th patent? 2) Any possibilities of getting your hands on rifles made by Grey Ghost Precision? – Supposedly, they started off by doing requests for US Special Operations Units.

    James | $5

    Please describe your perfect steak dinner - What cut of beef? How is it cooked? What sides? What drink? Thanks, keep up the great work!

    Steve Krilich | $10.70


    Todd | $5.50

    I have a PSA 10.5” 5.56 upper with an A2 front sight block. I’m thinking about cutting the front sight down so I can install a free float rail. What’s your opinion on doing this and do you have any tips? Thank you

    Joseph Anthony | $5.50

    Here's to you guys for the awesome Q&As, thanks for all you do!

    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $10.70

    During the development of the Colt LE 901-16S, did you get handle the rifle in selective-fire/fully automatic, and if so how did fare well against other full-auto .308 rifles that you’ve shot, that exist in the industry?

    Brent Sauer | $25

    Just saying that I appreciate what you guys do!

    Vaughn Westerby | $26.27

    What is the finish LMT puts on their Enhanced Bolt carrier and could I use LMTs enhanced bolt in the Smith enterprise or the Young Manufacturing bolt carrier? Would using the LMT enhanced bolt in those carriers be defeating the purpose of the enhanced bolt as far as the gas blowback. Thanks Chris

    Ben Haberer | $5

    What are your thoughts on the Browning Hi-Power? I’ve always felt that the design didn’t get the recognition it deserved in the U.S. but have always thought it would have been a good replacement for the 1911A1 early on. Thanks for all that you guys do!

    Steve Krilich | $10.70


    Timothy Sloat | $3

    We meet once in 2008 i was in Iraq and I think again in 2010 when I went too U of H ,any way brother wish I could give More but it costing me a fortune going back and forth to VA ,hope I can give More next time, please remind me or do a video on how the hell to properly zero ,The A1 and A2 I got out of the military in 83 and I remember one was in feet and the other was in meters I just forget which one is which my mind ain't what it used to be anyway brother God be with you you and your family girl Sapphire she did a good job winning and Heather for keeping it all together

    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $10.70

    From you time spent at the Caracal facility at Abu Dhabi, in the UAE, did you get to see the CAR-816 rifle chambered in 7.62x39? Seen some older tradeshow photos of the rifle in that caliber, and it utilized the elongated AR magazine similar to the C-Products Defense type of magazine.

    Vaughn Westerby | $26.27

    William | $5.50

    Hi Chris and Heather I am building a M16A2 style rifle not a true clone and purchased a brownells 20” A2 barrel assembly. They advertised it having a F marked FSB. Will be a problem with the sights on the carry handle upper? And what BCG would you recommend for this style of rifle? Thanks Will

    Brett Glover | $21.08

    My department just bought some Triarc rifles. Any throughts on their Single Edge Polygonal barrels

    Steve | $10.70

    So, will a rifle length gas system in a 24 inch long, 6.5 Creedmoor barrel be a likely reliability problem?


    Chris, good evening. I have a new (less than 1k rds.) Gen4 Glock 41 MOS with an RMR. Q. It intermittently fails to cycle properly - extract and feed - shooting one-handed only, both strong and weak. - Using 230 gr. hardball, factory - not limp-wristing (death grip on gun!) - retired 30-yr Federal LEO/firearms instructor. Thoughts? Thank you.

    Sean | $10.70

    What barrel would last longer in a destruction testing . Colt or FN SOCOM Profile. . FN 14.5" Carbine Length.. FN 14.5" Mid Length .. Ivery heard thousands of people say that HF Barrels are more durable . So I'm just curious if you think a HF Barrel can beat the SOCOMs 980 rounds before the barrel went .

    Joshua halvorsen | $21.08

    matt Look | $3

    Why do you think Smith enterprise chrome carriers are better than other options in the industry? What does Smith enterprise do that makes their products high quality?

    Steve Krilich | $10.70


    Brent | $10.70

    Chris, I've heard you mention several times that a 6.5 Creed will burn out a barrel quicker than a .308. Why is that? Moreover, for the AR-10 platform, should I go with the 6.5 Creed, or stick with the .308??

    Steve Krilich | $21.08


    Will Miller | $26.27

    Roger | $10.70

    What is your opinion regarding Colt’s T12 oil and T6 grease? Thanks, Roger

    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $5.50

    At the end of the I.C. (Individual Carbine) program to “try” to replace the current issue M-4 Carbine. Besides the ADCOR Defense B.E.A.R. (Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle), do you know what were the other finalists of that program?

    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $10.70

    About the history of the HK-416 or the prototype HK-M4, is it true that an individual named “Ernst Mauch” was supposedly called the father of the HK-416? And if so, how exactly did he contribute to the development of the program? – Read about it on the forums on

    Robert | $26.27

    No specific questions at this time, just wanted to help with your expenses. Really enjoy your channel - thank you both for all you do to support the firearms community!