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    Donor Wall (305)

    Clayton | $26.27

    God bless the Bartocci family. Say a prayer tonight that Gov Cuomo goes to prison. From upstate with Love.

    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $52.23

    Evening Chris and Heather, I don't have any questions for tonight just wanted to provide some support and wishing you and your family to be safe. Especially with everything going-on.

    Joey | $5.50

    What is it about wounds from rifle bullets that make them so much more devastating/effective than wounds from pistols? People talk about hydrostatic shock ad nauseam, but experts like Marty Fackler says it plays no role. What say you? Why are rifle bullets so much better at killing things than pistol bullets?

    Tad | $8

    Hi Chris and Heather, glad you survived Siberia Texas style. I got 2 questions and a statement 1. Was at a store and saw a Springfield Saint Victor in .308 and a Windham Weaponry .308, which would you choose for an AR10 or do you a better option for around 1200 2. At this same store, they have a Glock 37 in 45 GAP, should I grab it before it disappears? Is it even worth having a 45 GAP? Or track down something like a S&W MP45 in 45 acp that's actually to fit the human hand? 3. Statement: Texas needs to fire that moron governor of yours, and Cancun Cruz.

    Joey | $5.50

    Are striker-fired pistols inherently more reliable than hammer-fired? Hammer-fired has more parts that can break, but also can overcome light primer strikes with another pull of the trigger. Is it largely a wash, or can you say one is more reliable than the other?

    Kevin Bishop | $15.89

    How common are Calcium Carbonate and/or Titanium Dioxide propellant additives seen in GSR analysis for small arms? I am seeing higher concentrations of Calcium Carbonate and more commonly seeing Titanium Dioxide when analyzing insoluble deposits in AR rifles when single or even double base propellants are used. I wonder if this is caused by some manufacturers using decommissioned sources of artillery propellants in ammunition. Aqueous solvents and mechanical removal methods are needed, because CLP does not work.

    Kyle | $26.27

    Keith Krauland | $15.89

    DEWARD | $52.23

    Brandon | $5.56

    Good Evening Mr. and Mrs. Bartocci, What are your thoughts on the Geissele URG-I? I’ve heard about the rail bending. I really want to build a complete clone but the upper seems to be discontinued. Thanks and have a good night.

    Joseph Anthony | $5.50

    I’ve been away awhile and I’m glad you are still around. I’m kind of nervous about Biden.

    Joey | $5.50

    What are the important modifications to a semi-auto DI AR-15 to sustain high rates of fire and ensure reliability? Does a piston system only add benefit once you get into full auto?

    Joey | $5.50

    Are you familiar with with the Dead Foot Arms Folding Stock? They cut the BCG 1 3/8 inches shorter and have a spring mechanism so it can fire while folded (the only one on an AR I know of). Do you see any reliability issues with this? Do you think you lose anything in accuracy?

    Tad | $6

    Evening Chris and Heather, Been seeing some used Glock 22s, might be old police trade ins but haven't had a chance to look closer, they look pretty hammered on the outside. What exactly should I be looking for when it comes to used Glocks on the inside if the store allows me to break the Glock down to examine it? Or just wait until the new Gen 5s hit shelves....if they ever get to market

    Steve Krilich | $12.77


    John | $5.50

    What buffer/spring for AR15 20"barrel in 6.5Grendal?

    John Stine | $10.70

    I have a brn 180 braced pistol chambered in 300 blk. Do you think this design is suitable for a fighting gun or just a cool toy. I have several different options but do really enjoy the brn 180. Thanks

    Christopher Beckner | $23.16

    For heather to get her carry permit

    Edward Matuga

    Daniel Guadian | $52.23

    This is for your class Heather. Don't let us down.....

    Eric Taylor | $5.50

    Sorry, I sent the wrong question. My question was, is aa AR .308 bolt more durable than an AR15 bolts, after thousands of rounds have been fired through both these bolt calibers

    Eric Taylor | $15.89

    Hi. Is there another way that I can submit a question and donation, because I have been trying to do that through the Super Chat this evening, but with no success?

    Jason Upcot | $15

    For the CHL fund.

    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $52.23

    Evening Chris and Heather. I just have one question to submit for tonight, mainly wanted to help out for Heather's upcoming class. Regarding the .300 Whisper cartridge, can a rifle that’s chambered for it also be reverse compatible with the current .300 Blackout cartridge as well?

    Joseph Herbert | $5

    Back to the live round being ejected, Do the scratches on the bullet itself cause any issues to reload In the magazine or could it effect accuracy in anyway? Anything to worry about???

    dan ringman | $15.89

    Most underrated you tube channel, Good luck Heather with you class

    Joseph Herbert | $5

    What causes the scratches on a live 5.56 round when you eject it? Is it the feed lips/ barrel extension or the extractor scraping while pulling out of chamber? J. Herbert

    Bradley | $5.50

    Hello Chris and Heather, Hope all is good with you guys. I have two questions. First one is Are the barrels on the LWRC rifles MP inspected. Second question can you use an LWRC Bolt and BCG in other AR15 rifles. Thank You.

    Bradley | $5.50

    Steve Krilich | $10.70