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    Donor Wall (594)

    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $78.19

    Evening Chris and Heather, just submitting two questions for tonight. First Question: - Relating back to the earlier years of the ArmaLite AR-10 (during the 1950’s), there was a small number developed by the Dutch company of A.I. (Artillerie-Inrichtingen) that were chambered in 7.62x39; but utilized it’s own proprietary metal magazines. Did you by any chance held one/shot a sample of one, and have they ever been imported to the U.S.? – I've found out about it after reading Joseph Putnam Evans book of “The Armalite AR-10: World's Finest Battle Rifle.” Second Question: - With Canada’s aging military use of the Browning Hi-Power handguns, have the Canadians ever considered looking at the Beretta 92/M9 series of pistols for their Armed Forces? – Even though CZ recently purchased Colt Canada and there’s a possibility of bringing in their own CZ line of pistols. But throughout the decades, it's surprising they haven’t looked at the Beretta or other handguns that's offered to the US Military.



    David | $10.70

    Is Brownells still planning to produce retro rifles? Other plans? If no, is there a good source for retro civilian M16 rifles?

    Nic Grewell | $52.23

    Happy Birthday!!! I really appreciate what y'all do.

    Beau | $10.70

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the information you share, happy birthday

    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $26.27

    Just have a single, two part question for tonight, in regards to the "VLTOR A5 Buffer System." In regards to the "VLTOR A5 Buffer System," have you tested that system while installed into a "External-Piston" AR rifle; either in a short-stroke or long-stroke tappet piston? – Lastly, does it offer any benefit for external-piston ARs, not just in terms of felt-recoil or general reliability, but can it also provide aid in terms of dealing with bolt-carrier tilt?

    Thomas Kavanagh | $10.70

    general dynamics Amicus rifle?

    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $104.15

    Don't have any questions for tonight, just wanted to send some support. Just looking forward to pre-ordering your collective book that you’ve worked on with James Rupley on the newer Vickers Guide AR-15 (Volume 2). - As well as looking towards meeting you and Heather for the upcoming NRA Show later this year.

    Eric | $10.70

    Hello, Chris. I am considering buying a complete upper from TacticalEdgeArms, and would like to know what your opinion is about the quality of this company's upper. Here is the SKU#: 850015653032 for this upper: 16" 5.56 MIDLENGTH UPPER W/ WRS12 RAIL.

    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $52.23

    Have two questions to submit for tonight in regards to ARMS Inc.: Does ARMS Inc. make a QD mount specifically made for the Trijicon ACOG TA648; which is a 6x48 powered optic? – Besides just for the traditional 4x32 fixed powered optic. When Richard Swan finalized design of the Mil-Std. 1913 rail, did Eugene Stoner had any influence or at least some first-hand impressions/insight of the rail system during its development, especially when the rail was first being fielded on main issue military rifles, and then with the eventual upbringing of the M-4 Carbine?

    Tad | $6.02

    Evening Chris and Heather, my question is related to current events in Ukraine, do you think the turmoil is gonna cause the AK market and ammo to take a massive hit in America and make it impossible to get AKs and ammo in the future? Or is this a Mishaco question?

    Steve Krilich | $15.89


    Mattias Petrmichl | $5.50

    If you were issued depleted uranium ammo, would you consider an external piston over an internal piston AR?

    Matthew | $10.70

    Steve Krilich | $15.89


    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $26.27

    In the case of the 922r Compliance law, since it regulates how many parts could be imported into the country from a foreign firearm manufacturer. But how does that affect a US firearm manufacturer from sending out their firearms to foreign customers, or exporting to another country instead?

    Chris | $10.70

    Trying to decide between a Colt 2020-2021 production contract over run 10.3” upper with 13629 roll marked on upper, barrel, charging handle-or 1990s NOS 10” upper with C next to upper forge mark, C roll mark on bcg, barrel, etc-both are the same price-which one and why

    Shaun | $6.02

    Thoughts on the M16A5/C7A2 concept? Seems like a forgotten variant of the AR15 family.

    John Z

    Just wanted to say thanks for the C8 and New Zealand MARS L videos. I own both and they’re some of the best rifles in my collection!

    Kevin | $10.70

    There is a push to changeover from Stoddard solvent to water based chemicals when processing firearms parts before assembly. What aqueous chemicals do you recommend to clean firearm parts, so we can get away from Stoddard? In the factory, foul smells are a deal breaker. Compressed air and an air drying oven are available post cleaning.

    Kevin | $10.70

    We use Spirol roll pin insertion machines with air cylinders and fixturing to assemble firearms and subassemblies. That way we do not mar the roll pins as factory assembled parts. The field repairs butcher roll pins. What are the preferred roll pin tools for field use? We use pin-holding pin insertion tools for small runs and repairs at the factory. Other field service fixtures are used with clamping fixtures and arbor presses.

    Kevin | $10.70

    What are some productive ways to deal with so-called gun experts that have no idea what they are talking about, but they are so forceful about things or can boss around others in the police department? I have found actual experts to be well mannered people that are also good listeners.


    How will the Russian Ammo ban affect the AK market after the remaining imports of ammunition stop?

    James | $10.70

    What do you think of FN changing the SCAR to a non-reciprocating charging handle?

    Adnan Tahir-Hussain | $36.66

    Regarding the development of the .300 Blackout cartridge, since it was developed towards 'internal-piston' ARs in a short-barreled rifle configuration. On the other hand, the Sig MCX system was engineered primarily for use of that cartridge but was developed as a 'external-piston' weapon, are you aware of other 'external-piston' firearms that are dedicated to use the .300 Blackout round?

    Andy Chih | $10.70

    I have gained a whole new appreciation and knowledge of firearms after learning about your channel. My favorite ones are of course the videos of the guns that I own. But still I love everything that you post. The amount details and feedback that you provide is phenomenal and much more insightful and compelling than most gun review channels. I appreciate every bit of it. Please keep it up!

    John Oppel | $10.70

    Hey Bartocci’s, wondering if Chris has seen, or has an opinion on the stuff from ShotShow... seeing 6mm ARC rifles, and LMT Suppressors.

    Kevin | $10.70

    When (what year-ish) did lower and upper receiver production switch from many different jigs and fixtures to CNC machining on a single tombstone like it is today?

    Kevin | $10.70

    Is the Receiver Extension Nut (or castle nut) supposed to be lubricated with some grease, glued with Loctite, or torqued dry to 40 ft*b ...or something else? The Technical Manuals have been wrong for decades, so nobody trusts the TMs. The YouTube experts are all over the place.

    Kevin | $10.70

    I just wanted to let Heather know that she does an amazing job, and it really shows. Keep up the good work, and thank you.