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Dismantling the legacy of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler

The infamous lasting legacy of the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler is the Reichskonkordat, an official treaty between Nazi Germany and Vatican City. This act of diplomacy cost the lives of more than six million Jews and countless others as the price of the signing of the Reichskonkordat was the support in the Reichstag of the Catholic Centre Party which ushered in the Enabling Act of 1933 which granted Hitler the dictatorial powers he needed to invade Poland and begin his genocidal mission.

None of this would have been possible without Benito Mussolini's legacy, the Lateran treaty. Signed in 1929 the Lateran treaty granted the Pope sovereignty over Vatican City making it the smallest country in the world and converting it from a religion to a full blown political entity able to enter into formal diplomatic relations with other countries. The Vatican now has diplomatic relations with 183 states worldwide including Germany in the form of the Reichskonkordat.

History has shown that allowing the Vatican to be a political entity has had disastrous results for the Jewish people. Examples include the Crusades, the Inquisition, various expulsions from European nations and the Holocaust which was enabled as a result of the signing of the Reichskonkordat. Please donate generously and help us to work to revoke the Lateran treaty thus nullifying the Vatican's status as a political entity that is capable of influencing governments of other military armed states and thus avoid the next Shoah.

The organizer, Yaakov Read, received rabbinical ordination from The Institute for Rabbinical Ordination (Machon Smicha) in 2023.