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time for us to have his back

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Daniel in the lions den

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On January 6th, Daniel Goodwyn arrived in Washington DC as a citizen journalist. Daniel has been involved in the conservative movement as an activist and journalist for several years. He has worked behind the scenes to organize free speech rallies throughout the country and is currently working for

Daniel was in DC to document the rallies. Close to a million Patriots gathered in our nation's capital to peacefully protest what they saw as an attempt to steal an election. Daniel was there in the capacity as a citizen journalist to document hundreds of thousands of patriots peacefully assembling to petition their government for a redress of grievances. This is a right that has been recognized under our constitution's First Amendment.

After the rally at the ellipse Daniel arrived at the US Capitol for the permitted rally that had been planned. When he got there he found that tens of thousands of Patriots were streaming up the steps of the Capitol building and assembling along the balcony at the top. In his role as a journalist he followed them. When he got up to the top he followed a small group of patriots through an open door into the building itself. He was in there for only a few minutes before leaving the building.

During his time in and at the Capitol building Daniel was capturing video and images that were uploaded to StopHate.Com's social media accounts. The FBI opened a criminal complaint against Daniel after they became aware of the fact that he had entered the Capitol building. He was arrested and put in jail where he had to wait about two weeks for a bail hearing. He was even mentioned during the impeachment trial by name.

Daniel was a political prisoner plain and simple. There were other media that entered the building but they were not arrested. Daniel was arrested because of his activist background and he was kept in jail longer than he should have because of his beliefs. This prevented him from exercising his rights as a citizen journalist during the impeachment trial and from telling his side of the story.

Daniel has been slandered in the press and his life has been endangered as a result of the FBI's inclusion of mistruths in their report. Daniel has sacrificed greatly in his role as a citizen journalist. He is not in this for his own gain but for his love of country. What happened to Daniel should trouble all of us. This is something that happens under totalitarian regimes. The imprisonment of journalists and the silencing of those who have a narrative in opposition to the government establishment is not something that should take place in America.

Daniel needs our help. He has had to move out of his home and he needs to retain legal counsel to fight this injustice. Please help as you are able to. Daniel has fought and sacrificed for us. Now is the time for us to have his back.

Freedom isn’t free, there’s a price to pay.

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