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Coral Castle - Restoration Project

We build a coral castle! - YouTube 

Blue Corner Marine Research (@bluecornerconservation) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos

Hello ocean lovers!


I am Raffael, a coral restoration practitioner, scientific diver, and a student of environmental conservation.  In cooperation with “Blue Corner Marine Research” we are launching a coral restoration project around the dive site Sental in Nusa Penida (Bali, Indonesia).


In the past, boat anchors and unsustainable fishing practices caused substantial damage to reef structures. The result, broken and fragmented corals.  The problem is magnified by strong currents in the area that scatter dead coral fragments. These coral fragments not only begin to dominate the ground, but also break other corals and make it impossible for coral larvae to attach on a stable surface and grow.


This is exactly where our restoration project comes into play. I have designed several artificial reef structures which can withstand the strong currents, trap dead coral fragments, and most importantly; provide a stable place for coral larvae to settle and grow.


While each artificial reef structure’s design is influenced by Indonesian monuments, the complex itself is designed to roughly resemble a manta ray. One of the most iconic animals of Nusa Penida. When divers back roll into the dive site, they will be greeted by a manta-shaped coral reef. And when they dive past the complex, they will see a beautiful skyline of artificial reef structures housing corals. The design, however, will always come second to the intended purpose.


This unique design aims to achieve two main objectives.

To provide nature a means to take over the area in a natural and unconstrained way.

To trap coral fragments and create future restoration (or natural growth) opportunities.


To realize this incredible project, I will need your support and help.

  1. To build artificial reef structures we will use two different sizes of metal rebars: thin and thick. They must be imported from Bali. We will require around 300 meters of it;
  2. We also need to pay for fuel, a boat crew, air for us and volunteers;
  3. Special consumables: nursery ropes, cable ties, epoxy, etc.;
  4. Plus 10% of the total cost of restoration projects must be calculated for necessary maintenance. Activities like fixing damage, coral health monitoring, exchange corals, retighten and cut cable ties, etc.


The total project cost will be about 3.000 USD (30mil. Rupiah).


By donating to our project, you will have an unique opportunity to help: 

  • Realise a new environmental project
  • Help with coral reefs restoration
  • Help protect our oceans and Earth


During the construction process I will record all incurring costs and post the summary for you to see. In case we spend less then the amount donated, all remaining money will be used for further restoration measures of “Blue Corner Marine Research”. All donations and costs will be reported and published.


If you wish to help further, and are a certified diver, feel free to reach out. We could always use an extra set of hands building, preparing, and populating artificial reef structures. 

*if you’re not a certified diver and wish to help out, reach out and we will see about ways to help.


Thank you for your support, together we can make a difference!



All the love, 

Raffael - Coral Cousins