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This fundraiser aims to create sanitary, comfortable, and homely living conditions for all the volunteers and staff needed to run the Perros Libres Dog Sanctuary!

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Perros Libres Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit aiming to create the ultimate Dog Sanctuary and rescue operation in Tzununa, Guatemala. Our EIN number is 87-2076015 and all donations are tax-deductible according to your local tax code.
Build the Volunteer House & Bathroom!
Hello dog lovers!
Perros Libres is a dog rescue and sanctuary in Tzununa, Guatemala. Our project has started from literally the ground-up, having to build everything from scratch. We've operated here for over 2 years, under extremely harsh and rustic conditions. Muddy floors, a single outdoor toilet, no shower besides a waterfall (the one we built broke). It's been a struggle to say the least! 
Doggies in the unfinished houseThe volunteer housing at our shelter is only partially built, currently existing as a cement-block single room. Volunteers and staff are extremely hard to maintain under these harsh living conditions, as they currently sleep in a 4-bed dorm room. Thusly our volunteers have been literally running away until we can provide a proper shower, kitchen and decent sleeping quarters. Things cannot continue this way for long: our pack is over 50 dogs strong, and that requires a decent-sized human team! The human living situation needs great improving. This fundraiser will focus on finishing an already-begun structure of pure cement blocks and roof, into a live-able, comfortable, sanitary sleeping quarters for volunteers: as well as a quality bathroom & shower (that's the big one!), and basic kitchen equipped! This is a huge undertaking, in fact, the biggest we've ever done
Me thinking: how are we gonna do this?!There are 3 phases: 
1. Housing (floor, windows, doors, beds)
2. Bathroom (septic tank, toilet, bath, shower)

3. Kitchen (stove, counter) 

Right now, we have the walls and roof of just the house done, but we need a cement floor, plus a separate kitchen from where we prepare meals for ourselves and our dogs.

We'll be digging and installing a septic tank, water system, and hot-water shower which will be the most complex part of the job. 

There are so many dog lovers eager to volunteer with our dogs, and some local residents who have been housing them, but we need to finish our own housing to make this project space live-able for the long term. We have already prepared our materials list, and we have eager workers lined up to start up right now! 
Planning where the Septic tank will go

We are and will continue to care for animals with proper medical care during construction, prepare future spay and neuter clinics for the town, and preparing all our dogs for adoption by their forever families.

Help us create the living quarters for all the volunteers that is live-able, comfortable, and sanitary! The Dog Sanctuary needs your help to evolve into the wonderful animal sanctuary paradise it dreams to be. 

Every donation is a blessing and we are so grateful for your contribution! 

Your donation will go a long way towards making this a living space that is inviting, clean, and will make a more positive life for every person (and dog) that comes through our doors!