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Brittain for US Senate

Republican Craig R. Brittain is running for the US Senate in Arizona in 2022 against the political establishment and Democrat Mark Kelly, who has received massive amounts of money from the Communist Government of China. Help Defeat Communism, help MAKE AMERICA NEW AGAIN.

The political establishment - the MONOPOLY MEDIA and BIG TECH CENSORS claim that you are not a major candidate if you do not raise a significant amount of money, and they use that as an excuse to DEPLATFORM YOU, and NOT INVITE YOU ONTO THEIR NETWORKS.

That is why Craig hasn't been invited on Fox News or any other mainstream TV network(s) - but if he raises the money, the invitation becomes a requirement, and then the whole nation and the whole state of Arizona will rally behind Craig and his victory. The Cancel Culture and Fake News Media which have only written negative, untrue stories about our candidate will not prevail.

Let's send them a clear message. Let's tell them that Craig IS a major candidate. When our raise succeeds, he will be guaranteed coverage by the press, his voice will be heard by the masses, he will be able to hold events and ultimately HE WILL WIN THE ELECTION. 

The funds will be used to advertise on TV, radio and social media, to recruit staff members and volunteers, to create merch and signs (T-shirts, yard signs, billboards, etc.) and to hold rallies/events.

For establishment candidates, these are things that swamp billionaires, governments of other nations, multinational super PACs and corporate monopolies pay for. But because Craig is not a member of the swamp, we are opposed by these groups, and supported only by real, hard-working Americans.

That's why we need your help.

Donate today, share with your friends, and you can tell them that you are FULLY BRANDONATED. Let's Go, Brandon! 

Unlike other campaigns in Arizona, including Mark Kelly's, we won't send you tons of emails. No massive mailing list. No endless robocalls like the ones Democrats use. No spam. No newsletters. We will only reach out to you if it is absolutely necessary. That's our promise.

Our campaign can be a model for all future campaigns - for all future candidates, it can be the ultimate success story. Or it could fail and fade into obscurity. That depends on you. (No pressure, right?)

We believe in you. If you want to reach out to Craig directly, his number is 602-502-5612. You can also message him directly on his Facebook page, - we are running the only campaign where the candidate doesn't hide behind walls of surrogates or a massive PR machine, the only campaign where the candidate writes his own messages.

When he wins, you'll be proving that real, human people, working for Americans, CAN defeat a rigged, broken system made up of robotic machines and puppet officials working for our enemies.

It's time to renew the promise of America. It's time to MAKE AMERICA NEW AGAIN.