Why Do Medical Organizations Love Donorbox?


Our donation processing costs are kept as low as possible. Donorbox charges a low 1.5% platform fee on your donations. Signup is completely free.


Publish your first donation form in 15 mins. Our form builder helps you easily build clean, beautiful forms.


Our donation forms are secure. We use 256-bit SSL/TLS technology to make sure your money is safe.


Donorbox forms fit seamlessly into any Wix, WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace, Joomla and Drupal website.


Our donation forms support once-off and recurring donations. Choose from weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual frequencies.


Use our convenient Goal Meter to show your fundraising progress.

Donorbox’s features will raise more money from your donors:

We’ve developed Donorbox with medical research organizations in mind. Raising money for medical purposes can be hard. Here’s how Donorbox can help you run a successful medical fundraiser:

Fund Medical Research

Sadly, medical research is almost always underfunded. We can help raise money to continue research into illnesses and conditions that your organization is passionate about. Our social media connections will give your research great publicity. Share your work on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to increase awareness.

Medical Conferences

Great things happen when great minds come together. Host or attend a medical conference where you share findings, ideas and progress. Donorbox can get you there by helping you pay the bill. Our forms support corporate sponsorships so you can approach companies to help cover these costs.

Buy Medical Research Equipment

Most likely, you will need specialized tools and machines at some point in your research. The cost of this can put quite a big dent in your budget. Use Donorbox to raise the money you need to buy that equipment. Our donation form has a handy Goal Meter to help you track your fundraising progress.

Develop New Treatments and Medication

The world of medicine is dynamic and active. As a medical research organization, we understand that you have to stay ahead of mutating viruses and illnesses that are constantly changing. Donorbox forms support this by enabling recurring donations with a single click. Secure more consistent, sustained funding to meet these long-term expenses.

Pay Daily Bills

While you’re out making strides in your research, daily expenses still need to be covered. But we can help take care of this so you can focus on more important things. Our payment processors, Stripe and PayPal, are trusted payment platforms. Donorbox understands the need for money to be readily available. Rest assured, all donations will make it into your bank account safe and secure.

Fund Your Field Work

Some of the greatest medical discoveries will happen out in the field. If you need to move your research out of the lab, don’t let the lack of funding stop you. Donorbox will help you cover the cost of working out in the world. Embed our forms into your web pages and emails. Encourage donations by reaching as many people as you can by whatever means possible.

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