Bedrooms Are For People

A Citizen-Led Ballot Initiative in Boulder, CO

Please Support Our Grassroots Ballot Campaign in Boulder, CO

Bedrooms Are For People is a volunteer ballot initiative campaign to reform the Boulder government’s discriminatory home occupancy limits by allowing at least one person to live in each bedroom of a home, regardless of whether or not those people are related to each other.

Thank you so much for contributing what you can. Your generosity will fuel this campaign and will make our community a more welcoming, inclusive, and affordable place to call home. 

Together, we can make a difference. Thank you for investing in this critical community initiative!

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      Donor Wall52

      David Adamson | $104.15

      Your work on next steps is very impressive!

      Joshua Maynard | $519.52

      Thanks for all your hard work on affordable housing!

      Savannah Kruger | $26.27

      Ransom | $22

      It’s time to shift our ways, for the planets benefit and for the sake of freedom ! Thank you for voting yes on 300!

      Hannah | $10.70

      I'm a young farmer who values community, affordability, mountain views, and good locally grown food. Bedrooms Are For People makes all that possible by proposing a sensible occupancy law that doesn't unduly restrict our rights to live with others.

      Erik | $100

      There is no legitimate progressive opposition to this measure. Thank you for not letting them forget it.

      Kirsten | $100

      Thank you for your work to make Boulder a more fair housing environment.

      Savannah Kruger | $52.23

      Thank you all so much! This is such important work!

      Doug Roberts | $52.23

      Keep up the good work, fight those bastards at City Hall!


      Good luck and thanks for the hard work and perseverance, not only through the pandemic but also for overcoming the obstacle of just getting this important issue on our ballots!

      Stephen Haydel | $52.23

      Steven Ely

      Greater density, less commuting, and less new concrete and construction mean a cooler Earth, less smog and less climate monster wildfires, floods, hurricanes and heatwaves. I am's director.

      Louise Chawla | $104.15

      Maura Dudley | $30

      Marti Matsch

      Jessica Benjamin

      Matt Appelbaum | $100

      Tina Hart | $26.27

      Sandra Laursen | $26.27

      I support shared housing to reduce energy consumption, decrease carbon footprint, and foster a more diverse community.

      William Toor | $208

      Boulder's current occupancy limits essentially make it illegal to be poor in Boulder. From the time I moved here at age 18 in 1980 until 1993, I was in violation of this ordinance the entire time, as where all my friends - none of us had the money to live here without sharing a home. I went on to become mayor and county commissioner, but I have never forgotten what it was like to have to live in fear that we would be evicted simply for the "crime" of not being wealthy enough.

      Yvonne Fivian

      Katie Malzbender | $52.23

      Brent Halsey | $52.23

      About time for people to stop living in the shadows.

      John | $10.70

      Just stunning that this is the kind of thing we have to fight for. Yes, I do indeed believe people should LIVE INDOORS, you ancient white ghouls.

      Brett Winters | $10

      Matt Benjamin

      BUZZ | $52.23

      Sara Campbell | $52.23

      The air quality has been so bad lately! People who work in Boulder should be able to afford to live there too!!


      Susan Prant