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Please consider donating to cover the cost of:

  1. Shipping the prototypes here!
  2. Flow rate testing with our engineers to ensure the milk flow matches maternal lactation average data you helped us gather!
  3. Beta-testing with moms to make sure The Natural Nipple reduces latching frustration!
  4. Making any final design changes!
  5. Getting the word out and launching our pre-order campaign!

Right now, there are 60 million women are trying to breastfeed, but 90% * of parents who introduce baby to a bottle experience latching problems after!

  • This is because the shape and flow of standard products don’t match mom, the baby gets used to 1 and won’t switch between both breast and bottle.
  • This is a costly problem that has yet to be solved in a 73 billion dollar global baby industry.
  • The National Science Foundation recognized this and awarded the founder $53,000 to understand this problem because: 

By providing babies breast milk for just 6 months, we can save the lives of 1 million children and cut  $300 Billion in preventable medical cost annually in the U.S. alone (WHO, 2018).

*According to the Barriers to Breastfeeding survey results



Breast milk is a remarkable biological product that, through millions of years of evolution, has evolved to make babies healthy, and define mammals as the dominant animals on this planet. It contains the specified nutrition, immunological factors, and microbes necessary for establishment on the gut microbiome, immune, and neurological development. Health benefits of human milk have long been known, but the importance of the mother's skin microbiota transferred during breastfeeding influencing these health effects is just being discovered.   

The Problem

Health and Economic Burden
The premature cessation of breastfeeding across the world is an issue that causes 820,000 deaths in children under the age of 5 and costs countries more than $300 billion annually, according to UNICEF.
After being introduced to the standard bottle nipple, babies have difficulty latching to their mother's natural nipple to breastfeed.

The bottle nipple does not represent the unique mother's nipple shape.
The baby becomes accustomed to the fast flow rate of commercially available bottle nipples.
This is because no research had averaged mother’s lactation flow rate over the first year and therefore, no product could match it! These problems result in nipple confusion- but we are changing that!

The Solution:

We've been designing a feeding solution after real mom's shape, feel, and milk flow in hopes of providing seamless, stress free, bottle and breast breastfeeding. 

The Natural Nipple is designed to solve the pain points both families and hospital supply are challenged with, so both care givers can introduce a bottle

without consequential latching problems or fatal complications from un-natural flow rate- reducing hospitals’ length of

stay cost while improving health outcomes for future generations!

The Natural Nipple was selected as ‘Most Promising Health Care Innovation of 2018’ from the Florida Blue Healthcare, and in May

2019, won the first Clinical Quickfire Challenge and investment by Johnson & Johnson for $50,000 and lifelong

mentorship with J-Labs access. In June 2018, we were selected as one of eight companies in Tampa Bay to

pitch for Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest Tour given our traction in a little over a year!

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