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Thank you! The people and natural environment of the State of New York owe you their gratitude!

Your financial donation will help pay for the material costs (campaign literature, highway signs, website hosting, etc.) of the Barbara for AD 101 campaign to elect a Green Party member to the NYS Legislature, and to promote Green values such as public and environmental health; tax reform to relieve the 99%, not the 1%; and real democracy via support for Ranked Choice Voting.

Donating digitally here is convenient, but it does incur costs. About 8% of every digital donation goes immediately to the digital donor platform, as well to your credit card company. To ensure that this campaign will receive the amount you would like to give to it, you can do one of two things.

1) You can give a little more when you make a digital donation-- perhaps 8% more for a credit card; 5% more for a debit card. For example, if you wish to give $50 to the campaign via credit card, you would need to authorize your card to pay about $55. If you were to authorize $50 total, then our campaign would receive only about $46. A $25 donation to the campaign would necessitate your authorizing your card to pay $27. To help you actually give the amount you probably want to give to the campaign and enjoy the convenience of a digital donation, suggested donation amounts have been increased by a few dollars to reflect the costs of collecting digital donations. Of course, you have the option of writing in whatever total dollar amount you wish. Every donation is much appreciated.

2) If you are able to write a check or money order and put into the mail, the campaign will receive 100% of the amount you write on it. Checks and money orders need to be made out to: "Barbara for AD 101" and mailed to Barbara for AD 101

PO Box 34

Walker Valley, NY 12588

(Just don't forget to do it now - if that's what you want to do : )

And many thanks for taking the time to donate by mail, if this is the option you chose.

You can reach our campaign and Barbara Kidney by emailing [email protected]

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          "Barbara for AD101" is a political campaign registered, and fully compliant legally, with the NYS Board of Elections. Please note, donations to political campaigns, including this one, are NOT tax-deductible.