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Applied Leadership Center



There is certainly some leadership drive in every child and young adult which needs to be nurtured, especially for those with the least opportunity systems surrounding them. 

The Problem

In Ghana, the Expensive Schools (just a sample here) pride themselves on what they offer, charging fees between $10,000 and 15,000 annually, and are located mostly in the Cities. The reason for charging such fees stems from their belief in running an educational content and structure that provides a secure future for children to be successful in School, Work, and Life. An educational structure that is based on an International Curriculum ( some mirroring the Cambridge system) and the Global Goals of education or the 21st Century educational Model. This education model requires lots of money to run because of the cost of human resources and teaching and learning materials. 

Now, what happens to those who are in the Peripheries and cannot pay?

 Someone has to intercede to contribute to bridging the gaps.

  We strive to provide about 80% content of what these Expensive Schools offer at a Sustainability fee of $180 a year instead of their average fees of $10,000 and 15,000 a year.

Our general mission in education is to contribute to influencing policies from the bottom that will engender QUALITY and EQUITABLE education.

What We Are Doing

We are translating the concept of the 21st Century Educational Model into reality for the children and young adults in this Coastal Belt – Winneba. Plus,   Initiatives, and Activism Programs to place students on the field.

Creating a space and system for every child with a basket of skills for choices, and with the right values as the common denominator. Impacting relevant knowledge, skills, and values in the youth to better position them in the global economy.

Mission: Establish opportunity structures for the vulnerable and the less privileged.

Goals and Objects:

  • Creating a caring and nurturing environment for a Democratic educational system.
  • Provide progressive educational tools to enrich and nourish participants to strengthen their career abilities.
  • Making accessible tools for the growing technological world through ICT education
  • To mold the youth with the pre-requisite skills, attitudes, values, and leadership traits for a fruitful society.
  • Conduct Professional and Life Skills initiatives to boost employable skills

Vision: To see an Africa that is progressively transformed by the transformation of mindsets. 

Our activities cover the required areas of relevant knowledge under the Global Goals on Education with a trusted Ecosystem of Partner Institutions. 

Happening NowAlready, apart from working with children in different schools, we have also undertaken a myriad of workshops and seminars for educators with some of our partner organizations – both foreign and local. 

However, the need for an appropriate infrastructure that operates with the conviction of the essentials of progressive education, which places much premium on individual development, uniqueness, and strengths as a determinant for their success in life is paramount.  

It is on this background that we humbly seek your support of a little DONATION to keep pushing us in our continued efforts of building the educational center with the community self-help undertakings ongoing. Donate