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Blackie was hit by a car on Friday morning November 20 and had his right rear leg severely broken. The car never stopped. Please help us restore Blackie's 4 legs with a complicated and costly Pin Placement surgery. The cost estimate is 7500 to 10,000 pesos for surgery and then confinement and therapy while the leg heals. Blackie is a friendly quiet fun loving street dog that always showed his love for the food and shelter we were able to give him. We hope to restore his leg so he can return to a full near normal life again.

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4 Legs For Blackie-An Animal Angels Fund Mexico Project by Tequila Rock 'n Blues Explosion Fests & Events

The Campaign:  Initiated November 25, 2020 

4 Legs For Blackie-An Animal Angels Fund Mexico Project 

by Tequila Rock 'n Blues Explosion Fests & Events

We are hopeful and very grateful for your support.  Thank you sincerely for considering supporting us.  

We will keep you informed about Blackie's progress and our ongoing work with the Animal Angels Fund.  

As well as information about upcoming fundraising Live Music, Film Fests, and Running events in Mexico and elsewhere.    

Bob Rempel, Director Animal Angels Fund and Tequila Rock 'n Blues Explosion Events  

(personal email:  bob[email protected] events email: [email protected]

and Whatsapp/Phone:  +52 755 101 5989

Blackie...Photos & XRay  #1 Visiting Blackie At Vet-In A Lot Of Pain But Happy To See A Familiar Face.

#2:  Blackie's X-Ray-Rear Right Leg  #3. Blackie Before The Accident

With His Street Dog Friends & The "Good Doggie-Bueno Perro Gang" Our Fund Is Supporting 

More Info As Posted To Facebook November 22

For example to view there see:


"Our Dear "Blackie" Who Walked And Ran By My Side Everywhere Was Severely Injured Friday.  Hit by Car That Didn't Stop. Broke His Right Rear Leg. Showed So Much Courage and Strength  As All Our "Animales de Angeles" Dogs and Me Came To Comfort.  On Wednesday, November 25, A Veterinary Team Here Will Put A Pin In Blackies' Leg And Then Begins The Long Process of Recovery.
We Want To Tell You About Blackie's Progress And Ask You To Become "Blackie's Friend" Too And Put Him In Your Prayers And Support. The Next 60 Days Will Be Difficult Days For All Of Us As We Work To Restore Blackie's Ability To Walk On 4 Legs...Even Run A Bit Hopefully.
On Friday morning at 7:30 am our male street dog friend we call "Blackie", here in the Toluca, Mexico bedroom community of Rinconada del Valle was a victim of his love for fun. Running beside a car on a residential street here, the car driver appeared to veer slightly and hit Blackie's leg. Blackie yelped and then collapsed by the side of the road. When he tried to move on three legs we saw the rear right leg flapping away, like a flag in the wind.
Please like our page and this post to follow Blackies' story and please comment below if you can help the Animales de Angeles fund give Blackie the best possible medical treatment and convalescence. We expect the full cost of recovery for Blackie to be 7,500 to 10,000 pesos, maybe more.
The Animales de Angeles fund is a project of the Mexico based Tequila Rock 'n Blues Explosion Events & Fests-Always For Great Causes-Always For Fun that I direct.
Natalia Morrison whose heart for all street animals is as big as anyone's I've met, who operates her own small shelter, The Claudio Bigotes Memorial Shelter, provides technical support and valuable leadership to us.
Our Animales de Angeles Fund aims to give a better life to Dogs and Cats that clearly need treatment and shelter and food to have a better quality of life, even if on the streets. Neutering is our first priority.
Our quiet shy Blackie (the black dog) with his neighborhood street friends. Before his love for fun and running took him down. Please join our page and cause to help Blackie resume close to a normal life again. Please Share."


3 Legged Blackie waiting for his checkup.  2 weeks after his operation for the pin placement in his right rear leg.

Portable X-Ray machine at Vet Office for Blackie's 2 weeks check over

Blackie's leg two weeks after the pin placement.  Some shifting of the two bones connected but the doctors still believe he'll regain at least partial use of his fourth leg.