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Initial goal reached but you can still contribute! Thanks for checking out our WonderFALL Campaign and Wish List FUNdraiser!

Normally, we surprise everyone with a new series by releasing a trailer on Christmas. This year, since we've had to push the WILD New Zealand adventure due to travel restrictions, we decided to kick things off early! So, ...SURPRISE! We are introducing a new film series called Sense of Wonder! :)

The initial goal has been reached in 7 days! Thank you so much! We will keep the campaign active as more may wish to contribute (and get screen credit) as new content is now being released each week. We will announce our stretch goal in the coming days! This is primarily a producing opportunity — a chance to jump in and help us immediately. There are a few WILD Perks, and of course, bragging rights to be involved with such a cool, high-concept project! So, let's get right to it!

About this FUNdraiser
This WonderFALL campaign does 3 main things. It helps us to keep filming our new series (we decided it's time to pay the cast with more than just bananas), it helps with a lot more WILDsides (we brought on a few more hosts and can film locally again, which means a lot more often!) AND, this also helps us to further enhance the cover and insert images for our WILD book — a worthwhile expense to make it even WILDer!

About Sense of Wonder

For many years we've wanted to make a film designed for viewers that are unable (or limited in their ability) to get outside and go exploring. While we do this to a great extent with WILDerland, we wanted to up the ante and make it almost like virtual reality! Through creative cinematography and sound, we think we've got it! We started pre-production early this year and have spent the last five weeks finding cool locations, collecting vintage stuff, practicing shots, and testing various camera techniques/gear with the cast. All this while filming WILDsides -on the side! Our first full production weekend with all of our cast is in two weeks! :)

Sense of Wonder is a short film series with each film anticipated to run 28 minutes, though there may be numerous, smaller chapters. It takes place in a timeless era before the internet, giving viewers a sense of 1950 to 1979, but it's not specific to an exact year. Just when you feel like it's the '50s you'll catch elements from the '70s. We are calling it the WILD era. It's designed to be visually timeless with sparse dialogue, and may often span decades in a single scene. Currently, 100% of Sense of Wonder takes place outside along the trails, creeks, and swimming holes where our characters hang out.

While we consider our approach to this film concept unique, you can envision our goal by imagining if Terrence Mallick (Tree of Life) directed Lord of the Flies or Stand by Me. You won't just feel like you're watching a visually stunning tale of growing up outside in a magical era. You'll be right there to experience it!   

Perks are listed below. However, if you are unable to contribute financially, we totally get it. It's crazy times we live in! While monetary donations are the fastest way to help us out, there is another amazing thing you can do!

Please Send Us Stuff!
A kid adventure film series from 1950 - 1979 needs cool things! Think wardrobe. Think props. Think fun kid games. Think camping stuff. Think comics. Send us vintage stuff and we will almost definitely use it! We will send a thank-you postcard to everybody who sends us stuff through December. We also need at least two more GoPro Hero 8 Blacks and other goodies. Here's the complete wish list:

Kids 50s-70s Clothes for Summer/Fall
Pants, shorts, shoes, swim, shirts, socks, outdoor, etc...Pants: Boys 8/10 and 10/12 Shirts: Boys 8/10 and 10/12, or SM and MD Shoes: 6 and 7.5

New or used GoPro Hero 8 Black (x2)
Micro SD Memory Cards
Blackmagic 4K Camera w/ Lens

Vintage Items 1950 - 1979
Camping gear
Canvas Boy Scout tent
Outdoor games/toys
Boys Bikes

Shipping items:

Address all packages to Primitive Planet. If you would like to suggest items for a specific person, please put "Attn:" followed by their first name, under Primitive Planet.

PO Box — Preferred
Primitive Planet
PO Box 92302
Austin, TX

Street Adress — Only if Required
Primitive Planet
6104 Old Fredericksburg Rd.
Austin, TX

Perk Levels:

$25 — $49
#1 Signed Thank-you Postcard!
Signed by the cast of Sense of Wonder!

$50 — $74
#2 Special Thanks Credit!
Signed thank-you postcard! 

PLUS Special Thanks credit on Sense of Wonder!

$75 — $149

#3 Synopsis and Production Stills!

Signed thank-you postcard! 

Special Thanks credit on Sense of Wonder!

PLUS the full synopsis and cast fun facts for Sense of Wonder!

PLUS 8 digital production stills from location!

$150 — $249
#4 Co-Producers Credit!

Signed thank-you postcard! 

Co-Producers credit (multiple) on Sense of Wonder!

The full synopsis and cast fun facts for Sense of Wonder!
8 digital production stills from location!
PLUS a personal thanks video from a cast member!

$250 — $449

#5 Produced by Credit and Behind-the-Scenes!

Signed thank-you postcard! 

Produced by credit (multiple) on Sense of Wonder!

The full synopsis and cast fun facts for Sense of Wonder!
8 digital production stills from location!
A personal thanks video from a cast member!
PLUS a 15+ minute digital behind-the-scenes video!

$450 — $1,199
#6 Executive Producer (single card) Credit!

Signed thank-you postcard! 

Executive Producer credit (single card) on Sense of Wonder!

The full synopsis and cast fun facts for Sense of Wonder!
8 digital production stills from location!
A personal thanks video from a cast member!
A 15+ minute digital behind-the-scenes video!
PLUS one 8x10 signed by the Sense of Wonder cast!


#7 Made Possible by Credit

Signed thank-you postcard! 

Made Possible by credit (single card) on Sense of Wonder!

The full synopsis and cast fun facts for Sense of Wonder!
8 digital production stills from location!
A personal thanks video from a cast member!
A 15+ minute digital behind-the-scenes video!

One 8x10 signed by the Sense of Wonder cast!

PLUS one full-size movie poster signed by the cast and crew!


#8 Zoom to Wonder!

All the above perks!
PLUS you will get early access to the virtual premiere of Sense of Wonder!
PLUS you will get a fun Zoom session with the cast and crew on location!

Campaign Timeline and Perk Delivery Estimates:

This FUNdraiser runs through the end of 2021. The goal is the bare minimum to get at least two full Sense of Wonder films — Going above and beyond helps us out tremendously and keeps us going into 2022!
— Postcards will ship starting in November

— Links will be sent for digital Perks starting mid-November
— Additional Perks may be added if we hit the goal before 31 OCT.

Thank you for helping us to Stay WILD if you can! Please remember that our budget estimates are the bare minimum to get us adventuring. Any amount exceeding our Goal helps a ton and makes things even WILDer!  Donations go toward everything from wardrobe, airfare, music licensing, on-location meals and campsites, to necessary gear, shipping expenses for Perks, and fishing bait. We truly appreciate contributions of any size and thank you for sharing our campaign!

Most perks require an address and email in order to send you the perks. This contact info is used strictly to send you perks. Contributions are not tax-deductible and all perks are based on the goal being reached. We reserve the right to adjust perks and delivery dates based on the amount raised.  Anonymous donations will receive physical/digital Perks (if addresses are provided) but will not receive public credit. Thanks so much!

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Stay WILD! :)

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