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Our small but mighty team works full-time to bring you content 7 days a week about women for women. From researching and writing, connecting and interviewing, to photo shoots and video production, what we do takes expert effort and lots of time. It’s a critically important, but costly undertaking that cannot be fully supported by the minimal ads we run on our site.

If you come to Women You Should Know to learn and think, engage and delight, be moved and inspired, or if you’re here for the very first time and like what we do, then please consider supporting us. We really do need your help. Your generosity will help sustain our mission, and ensure our survival so that we will be around to celebrate women making, changing and impacting the world for the next generation of readers.

To become a WYSK SupportHer make a one-time gift in any amount you like or a recurring monthly gift. All levels of support strengthen the foundation upon which Women You Should Know was built in 2011.

Donor Wall (38)

Lisa Nicole Rosado | $26.14

Thank you for all that you do & for supporting the WAWO community! I feel so blessed that our paths have crossed.

Jill Ferguson | $10.64

Tracy K. | $51.96

Thank you for promoting fairness and equal representation for all

Jan Schroeder | $77.79

Matthew Washington | $516.84

Thank you so much for inspiring all of us!

Brenda Berkman | $1,000

We're in this together!

Jenn Neilson

Betsy Rubin | $26.14

Ali Hill | $103.62

You are both so awesome. I remember when this was just an idea, and look at what it has become. Honored to support such an amazing cousin/friend (C) and friend (J) doing this important work.


WYSK has been incredibly inspiring and educating for me on the powerful role women have played and will play in the progress of our world. Thanks!!!

Donna Henderson | $15.81

Laura Lang | $50

There are no words to express the impact WYSK has had on me. I count on it to inspire and educate me.

Dianne | $51.96

Renée Rettig | $103.62

Dale DeBakcsy makes our lives better! I’d be honored to have my portrait with the venerable personage whom he sees fit!


We love you BIG and support all you're doing to make the world a better place for ALL of us!

Anonymous | $250

Marion | $103.62

Save my (em)POWER Laces to raise more money! xo

Johnathan | $51.96

I am a proud supporter of WYSK. The work they do helps shape, shift, and educate a newly feminine empowered social identity. This is a game changing organization. As a man I’ve learned more about my “male privilege” in today’s society. Through the information provided by WYSK I’ve been able to shift my own perspective while helping my fellow brothers about the inequality women face daily. My donation is a drop in the bucket as a means to give back. However, it comes from a heart filled with gratitude for WYSK!

Connie and Alan | $103.62

Cynthia and Jen, may you continue to inspire, educate, and spread kindness to others through Women You Should Know for many years to come!

Julia | $51.96

Kathy | $51.96

Kesia | $51.96

I am happy to support WYSK. The work you are doing is invaluable.

Christy Frantz | $51.96

Crystal Tate | $100

Thank you for promoting & empowering women!

Lorna | $5.48

April Dawn Kester | $100

“This is the hope I have for women: that we can start to see ourselves—and encourage men to see us—as more than just the sum of our sexual parts: not as virgins or whores, as mothers or girlfriends, or as existing only in relation to men, but as people with independent desires, hopes and abilities. But I know that this can’t happen as long as American culture continues to inundate us with gender-role messages that place everyone—men and women—in an unnatural hierarchical order that’s impossible to maintain without strife. For women to move forward, and for men to break free, we need to overcome the masculinity status quo-together.” —Jessica Valenti, May WYSK continue to move us forward!

Sunitha Cheruvu | $200

WYSK is an empowering source of inspiration!

Christine Bentley | $50

Amy | $10.64

With thanks for your frequent posts on Facebook, and to the team who makes that happen

Susan | $500

Thank you both for tirelessly walking the walk and talking the talk when it comes to elevating women to the place of respect they deserve. No one does it quite like you do and it would be a huge loss to see this important platform disappear. May WYSK get a long lease on life to keep showing us -- and the next generation of trailblazing women -- the way.

Anna | $10.64

As a mother of 2 boys I think its so important for them to grow up in a world where everyone is inspired by each other. Happy to donate hell yeah.


Love Women You Should Know!


Thank you for sharing such inspiring stories. As the mother of three daughters, having a repository of strong, intelligent, compassionate, successful female role models literally just a click away is invaluable. Thank you for your work and dedication to women’s empowerment, equal recognition, and hopefully someday, equal rights.

Jody Hopkinson | $5.48

Cathie | $15.81

Anonymous | $5.48

Amazing work. I support WYSK!

Toni | $5.48

Thank you for all of the incredible work you do! We're in this together.


Keep up the great work!