Will Knowland






I have been dismissed from my employment. My wife and I will be made homeless, along with our five children. I am raising money to challenge my dismissal in the Employment Tribunal and beyond if necessary.

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Donor Wall81

Ben Keil | £10

Thomas | £10

You deserve much more than what I can offer here, Sir. I've got a lot of respect for you, we need more people like you. Keep the good work with the youtube channel, hopefully, it will gain some viewers with time.

Michael | £50

Tim Gordon sent us! Catholics unite! Thank you for your courage, it is truly inspiring. Viva Cristo Rey!

Daniel McCarthy | £50

Jeanette | £35

Keep up the good fight. Catholics unite!

Jill | £20

Round 1 to you! Fight on.


Viva Cristo Rey ⚔️

Patrice Evans | £50

John Boyle | £100

God bless you and your family Will, from an expat in Oregon. I need more families like yours in my parish. Fr. John Boyle

Mary | £25

Kathleen | £50

Saw your story on Timothy Gordon's channel. Thank you for being a strong and courageous man of God. May He continue to bless you & your family and give you the strength you will need to fight through this. Much love from your friends in Christ in the beautiful US state of Colorado.

David Martinez | £10

God bless the Knowland family!

Regina Kennell | £30

We are with You. Stand Strong!!!!


Tim Gordon sent us

John | £50

Martin Tapsfield | £10

Noah Carl | £27,667

Chris Peterson | £1,400

James | £100

Obvious injustice for infringement of free speech alone. Never mind that the contents of the video are generally nothing less than received wisdom.

Matt | £10

Thank you for being a role model for integrity and courage. Will FTW.

Jack | £10

Will, thank you for standing up for intellectual debate and for not rolling over when challenged without good reason.

William | £100

Ken Rivers | £10

After listening to your well reasoned and articulate discussion on Triggernometry, even my short arms managed to reach onto my long pockets and find a tenner to support your cause.

Anthony J | £10

Happy to support, men need to hear exactly what you presented in this lecture! The demasculinization of men has had dire consequences, and is hurting young boys the most, who are taught they are "toxic" for natural male behaviors


I praise your honesty and integrity, and I am in awe of your strength. Please know that, even in your darkest moments, you have the support of many people, and you are not alone. - Donald (from YouTube)

Kostadin Filev | £10

Thank you, Will! You stood up when it mattered and provided an amazingly possitive example to your students, both as a teacher and as a man. Hold fast!

venus | £10

Kenneth Jolivet | £50

Will. You're a man of immense integrity and principles. You are right. If they took away the joy of doing the job, what job do you have? I'm so glad you stood up to the 'woke' brigade, the narrative and ideology and Eton who has bowed to it all. I think you're right; Eton had to be seen to not be too elite and not support the so called oppressed, but what does that have to do with masculinity and boys and men who today are the most oppressed by society and the left. Well done. I'm proud to support you and look forward to hearing you're cleared and duly compensated. I'm an author and will try to get in touch with you about my latest project on children's books for boys on masculine traits. I will rock the boat with you, for our boys. Ken Jolivet of https://www.brilliantbobkidbooks.com

Linda | £25

Well done for your courage and integrity in this matter.

Miguel A | £10

The Patriarchy Paradox. Hot damn! Got chills listening, bruh!