Water Well Project

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Brothers And Sisters

Muslim Around Africa Project Started the Water Well Project so we can build as much water wells as we can in Africa So we can provide our needy brothers and sisters in Africa with clean water, Wallahi brothers and sisters, this people suffer, they walk lots of miles just for a cup of water which is important thing to survive, and some of them don't have choice but to drink dirty water, subhanallah, lets us all brother and sisters unite together so we can help them

They need our help 

In Africa, providing water impacts life at every level.

When African women and girls no longer have to walk to get water, they go to school and earn a living.

Our wells are the best — we even coordinate with local governments to make sure they’re established in the right places.

Help us help Africa where it matters most.

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The prophet (pbuh) said; “Whoever digs a well will receive rewards from Allah on the day of judgment when anyone from amongst the jinn, men and birds drink from it.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

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