VR Lab

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    Hi, we are a team of 9th and 10th graders at Cushman High School in Miami, FL producing and marketing virtual reality pieces to raise awareness and motivate action on local climate change issues. We will widely distribute the VR experiences to K-12 schools, public libraries and target audiences across South Florida. The VR Lab is conducted in partnership with Genius Plaza and CLEO Institute.

    We are raising $5,000 for the lab to pay for:

    • 1 Kodak PixPro SP360 4K camera to film our class project
    • 3 Samsung Gear VR viewers to demo our class projects
    • 2,500 cardboard VR viewers for promotional giveaway

    The VR lab projects include:

    “Miami Rising: The People Fighting Climate Change” - 360 short films and photos will build climate change narratives for real people in Miami among three target audiences in Greater Miami - businesses, vulnerable/ low-income communities and faith/spiritual base. These films share these communities’ attitudes about climate change, solutions already underway and hopes for the future.

    “Miami Year 2050” - VR prototypes will feature the students’ visions for a green Miami city of the future through immersive VR.