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"Giving Inspirations."

Creating a project requires a massive amount of effort and time. Moreover, with tight personal schedules and busy life, I am quite having a hard time doing what I do, focusing on creating various stuff - from app development to music production.

Despite this hard condition, it is my passion and fellow support that keeps my efforts on them. With your supports, I will have myself more focused on creating platforms and content with my creativity put into it. The majority of projects that came from my activities will be freely open and primarily for providing usefulness or meaningful to the public (especially my fans).

Thank you for considering to support me. Every little bit helps, so I would very much appreciate every donation you give!


Your donation will be helpful for keep developing these projects:

  • GÜNNY: Music promotion channel promoting all sorts of electronic music with having priority for their distinctive tastes.
  • GÜNNY Playa: Free music streaming service for playing GÜNNY music.
  • GÜNNY Cache: Earning income service created for publishers to post GÜNNY music.
  • GÜNNY Community: Music promotion service for musical artists and labels.
  • PONY.ICU: Free unlimited web hosting service made simple.
  • @Fan By Voltex Pixel: Official web application created for Voltex Pixel fans
  • Voltex Pixel's musical projects
  • All applications in Voltex Pixel the Pony
  • ...and much more. Please visit Voltex Pixel website for full details.

Giving Inspirations,

Voltex Pixel

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