Support Voices of Bradfield & Nicolette Boele

Nicolette Boele is our community endorsed candidate for the federal seat of Bradfield in Sydney's upper north shore. We need your help to get her elected.

The rising force of Independents in Australian politics is having an impact. When politicians are afraid of losing power, they start to pay attention. 


Your support is making this possible. Your donation will fund Nicolette's campaign and to print materials that her tireless volunteers take into the community.


Donate today to help get Nicolette elected to represent Bradfield.

Your Impact

✔️ $35 will buy three corflute signs for our Community Outreach

✔️ $55 will print 500 Factsheets

✔️ $100 will reach 3,000 people on Facebook

✔️ $1,000 will print enough flyers to cover half the electorate

✔️ $5,000 will cover the cost of an advertising campaign

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