URGENT donations for mastectomy mommy dog!

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Camp Cocker Rescue took in nine cocker spaniels from what turned out to be a backyard breeding operation.   All nine of the dogs have been inner bred with one another, litter mates bred with one another, and bred with their parent dogs.     These poor dogs are a mess and have been living outdoors, many are very thin from not getting enough food, while others are overweight (we imagine the food was limited and the fatter dogs bullied the more timid dogs to eat it all).

This is one of the nine dogs and she has been a mamma dogs many many many times over.   She has massive mammary tumors all up and down both sides of her body.   This poor dog is still trusting of human beings, after all of the years of neglect and exploitation as a breeder dog.

We need to fundraise for all nine dogs but this mommy dog is the most urgent right now and she must get her medical done immediately.     She will need a double mastectomy, biopsies on all of those tumors, a dental, spayed and chest x-rays and bloodwork (she's never been to a vet in her life).  

Please consider donating, no amount is too small!   Thank you so very much!