Masjid Al Karam

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    Masjid Douar Al Karam

    We are still £800 short from our target

    Currently raising funds for the Imam, Teachers and Students living costs

    This Masjid is 18 years old but for the past 8 years has been used for teaching the Quran to students who are welcome to reside in the Masjid.

    In total there is currently 8 to 10 resident students memorising the Quran and 40 students who attend lessons in the day time. Students are between the ages of 14 and 25 years old and will continue with their studies in the Masjid for 4 to 5 years.

    First Floor 

    (Sisters Prayer Hall)

    The first floor of the Masjid will be used as a sisters prayer hall which will be opened for the salah and other Islamic gatherings for sisters like memorising the Quran or learning to read.

    Second Floor

    (Students Accommodation)

    Second floor ( if we can get it the funds to build ) it will be used as a place for the students accommodation.

    In Morocco a community Masjid is literally just that, it is used by the community when needed for Islamic events, meetings, housing men who cant find a place to stay, gathering funds for the poor, helping deal with local complaints and disputes between neighbours etc.

    The Imam is usually working under his community and is supported by them ( unless he and his Masjid are funded by the Government which in this case Masjid Dour Al Karam isn't ) This means that the masjid serves the purpose to cater to the needs of the community in an Islamic sense and a general aid. 

    To support the growth and expansion of this Masjid is a personal contribution to support the memorisng of the Quran and being a means to increase the number of people who will inshaAllah complete the memorisation of the Quran and go forth to teach it. This will be not only a benefit to the local community but also to yourself for all those who pray and memorise the Quran in Douar Al Karam you will receive rewards from Allah in the akhirah Bithnillah.