Let's help those who spend their life helping us - get the NHS the PPE they NEED






In short:

We are raising money to buy PPE for key workers e.g. NHS, carers, etc. from major suppliers in bulk.


We are Help Bank Finder and in the middle of this epidemic we've got a fantastic team finishing off the app we're developing, to help aid food banks and their users called My Food Bank Finder.

In recent days, we have spoken with a number of reputable suppliers whom we have performed due diligence on.

We are regularly receiving information on new suppliers and doing all the background work to make sure they’re worth working with.

When the Government says 'there is plenty in the supply chain' they aren't wrong, but that isn't the full story. Generally to make an order you actually need to send an email, or pick up the phone.

Today we've been negotiating with a supplier regarding 50,000 Covid-19 Real time tests which are available in abundance. We are about to put an order in for 10,000 FFP2 masks for one organisation.

Contrary to reports, the PPE is there and available.

We are now working on behalf of smaller organisations to pool orders together so we can meet minimum order quantities and bring down the price for everyone.

For bigger orders, we are passing the buyer info directly to the relevant supplier.

While organising this, something really did hit us - we have so many groups of people contacting us who are paying for their own protection. This should not be happening - these people are saving lives. 

They're already being massively underpaid, so why are they being under-protected too?

As a general rule, we are against crowdfunding to help fund the NHS as it leaves the door wide-open for abuse to be underfunded in the future.

But that leaves us with a major dilemma- let the people saving lives pay to protect themselves and stick by this principle or, in these extraordinary times- break with this principle in order to do what we can. 

Well - this isn't about us - it's about our Key Workers.

We are going to raise funds and put in a significant order so we can help those who spend their lives helping us.

If you are a key worker in the following areas please let us know your needs using the link provided and we'll be in touch.

- NHS Staff

- Vulnerable People Support Groups (Food Banks, Hostels, etc.)

Let us know about your PPE requirements here: https://bit.ly/uk-ppe

We will be pooling all the donated funds with the money we receive for private orders. This will allow us to negotiate considerably better prices of which we'll pass on to the people who are relying on us for their PPE.

If you wish to join our pool, please email [email protected]. When emailing us please send from your work email or include a copy of your work ID. If you are a self-employed key worker, please show us a recent bill or HMRC letter along with another form of ID.

We are doing this free and making no money at all- we just want to help.

Let's help those who dedicate their lives to helping us.

Help Bank Finder


With thanks to our partners: Carpenters Law, Fareshare, Fans Supporting Food Banks


If you are a supplier e.g. factory or direct distributor, please get in touch using [email protected] with a product list and verifiable, high-quality client list so we can add you to our list.


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