Typelevel sustainability program 2019

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The ultimate goal of the Typelevel sustainability program is to provide ways for the user community to ensure the long-term prospect of the development and maintenance of some Typelevel libraries. Currently, these libraries are maintained in their contributors' spare time. This arrangement has worked so far but we want to firmly secure their long term sustainability with an institution dedicated to supporting the maintenance of these mission-critical libraries. 

Based on the Cats ecosystem community survey 2018 results, as well as feedback from potential donors, we adopted the following principles for the program:


  •  Paid maintainers focus on supporting the community contributors. In another sentence, paid maintainers’ first task is to maintain the community-driven development. More specific responsibilities are listed here.
  • Main obligations to sponsors (individual or corporate) are limited to  
    •  The existing license remains unchanged. 
    •  Timely security patches and mission-critical bug fixes. 
    •  Monetary contributions will NOT grant contributors extra influence over the development.
    •  Monetary contributors can influence how their contribution is distributed among projects. 
  •  The program is governed by an independent committee. 
  •  As part of our community, sponsors hold values compatible with the Scala Code of Conduct

For more details, including goals and responsibilities for maintainers, funding sources, please go to the program's main document

For 2019, we have the following initiatives that require a significant investment of maintainer time. 

  •  Refactor build configuration
  •  Continue support Scala 2.11 through backporting
  •  Complete Scala 2.13 migration
  •  Support for Scala 3.0 and Scala native
  •  Revamp guidance documentation for contributors
  •  Revamp Documentations Navigation
  •  More tutorial/example documentation
  •  Complete cats-tagless' migration away from scala-meta
  •  Merge in typelevel/algebra
  •  A community build for the ecosystem

Our initial fundraising goal is $150,000. Among other things, achieving this goal will allow us to have a dedicated half-time (20 hr/week) maintainer for at least 2019. Why half time? We want to start with a committed maintainer to bring some certainties for our projects, and yet we are not sure how much support we will be getting from the community. Hence a half-time maintainer for the year is a minimum viable solution for the program. 

Please consider talking to your employer about supporting the OSS libraries they are using. Any amount, either $5 per month from a one-person start-up or $5000 per month from a billion-dollar corporation, will bring us closer to our goal.

 Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions. Our contact email is [email protected]

Thank you for coming here and considering supporting us.