Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center

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    What do an abandoned baby squirrel, a broken-winged Bald Eagle, a brood of orphaned ducklings and a malnourished bear cub have in common? They all have you. And your support ensures they also have Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center.

    If this spring and summer mirrors last year, Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center will receive close to 1,100 wild animals in need of care. That’s 1,100 lives in five short months who will rely on the immediate resources offered at Turtle Ridge, resources provided by the generosity of donors just like you.

    Multiple formulas of milk replacer, prescriptions, medical equipment, food, heating pads, baby wipes, fresh produce, building supplies to repair a winter-torn duckling shelter… the list of necessities is endless. And expensive. Which is why we need your help with a donation today. We need to get ahead of the rush and have the Center stocked and ready to receive the lives who are coming our way. Swift availability of resources and a prepared facility are essential to survival when mere minutes matter.

    Will you help prepare the Center and ensure resources are available now? Your gift today prepares us for tomorrow when, without a doubt, the resources you provide will be needed again.

    Thank you for standing with us to help send our wildlife friends back into their safe and natural habitat. We hope you know how appreciated you are by the staff, volunteers and the animals served by your kindness.

    Forever grateful,